New Orleans Police Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick wants to expand “gun free” zones in her city to keep tourists and other innocents disarmed for ready victimization by the criminal class.

Did this woman used to work as Nurse Ratchett in a previous life?  Because she’s evil.  Pure unadulterated evil.

If she’s successful, this should cross off New Orleans from your bucket list of places to visit.  Or just pack your gun and practice “concealed means concealed” as you go about your business.

Breitbart has deets of her dastardly plan:

New Orleans police Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick wants gun-free zones within the city where even licensed concealed carriers would be barred from carrying for self-defense.

4WWL reported that Kirkpatrick is pushing the zones in response to the constitutional carry bill signed by Gov. Jeff Landry (R) on March 5, 2024.

“New Orleans is unique. And this is not a one-size-fits-all bill. And so, what would apply and maybe be perfectly acceptable in a different part of the state of Louisiana, it’s not going to be effective for the entire city of New Orleans,” Kirkpatrick said. “Too much gun violence as it is in the city. We’ve made great strides. This will reverse the strides.”

CLEARLY allowing law-abiding folks to carry the means with which to defend themselves would cause more so-called “gun violence” in New Orleans.  Because those CCW holders and other law-abiding folks are the ones shooting up the place on all those days ending in -y.

12 thoughts on “NOLA NO MORE? New Orleans political hack police chief wants more “gun free” zones for criminals to victimize tourists, innocents”
  1. Great logic. “Illinois is unique. And this is not one-size-fits-all bill. And so, what would apply and maybe perfectly acceptable in Chicago it’s not going to be effective for the entire State of Illinois.” Using their words to make our point against their laws. Repeal PICA on Monday!

  2. And we thought HELLER resolved this.

    And then we thought BRUEN resolved this.

    Guys, those of you who watch “The FOUR BOXES Diner” on Youtube; if you’ve never given any thought to the name, the four boxes of democracy are: (1) The SOAPBOX, (2) the BALLOT box, (3) the JURY box, and (4) the CARTRIDGE box. USE IN THAT ORDER.

    SEEMS to me that the first three no longer work.

  3. They just want us unarmed and helpless. Any thought of visiting such places. It’s better to rethink that. Spend your time and tourist money elsewhere safer.

  4. Wasn’t this the same person who was fired from the top cop job in Oakland, almost hired by Rahm for CPD top cop and regularly called “ Granny Clampett” on Second City Cop blog?

    1. Just looking at her, one immediately gets the feeling of no confidence. I’m sure that once she opens her mouth, it removes all doubt.
      Kinda like most of the useless trash in Dementia Joe’s regime.

    2. But, but, but, “kenny-boy”, to paraphrase old SNL, “you ignorant slut”, if Granny was Jed’s “mother-in-law”, she was Jed’s father’s wife, therefore a Clampett, Ellie Mae was Jed’s daughter, and Jethro, Ellie’s cousin could have been Jed’s brother’s son, after all the family was portrayed as hill/mountain folks and many times families were intertwined because of low populations in mountainous areas.
      But, it is expected of you, “kenny-boy” who has no comprehension of basic math and cannot add fractions even when explained in the simplest of terms and who’s arrogance and narcissistic, quisling personality will not allow you to understand basic simple normal trains of thought. After all it is ALWAYS “ALL ABOUT KENNY-BOY”, in “ken’s” warped perverted cranium, with no “grey matter” (aka: “brain”).

    3. Hahahahahahhah. What a DUMBASS! You DUMBASS, you. Keep talking about your witchcraft adding fractions together! Leave consanguinity to others. Some DUMBASS wrote: “But, but, but, “kenny-boy”, to paraphrase old SNL, “you ignorant slut”, if Granny was Jed’s “mother-in-law”, she was Jed’s father’s wife, therefore a Clampett, ”

      Well, let’s see, if your father’s wife is your mother-in-law, then you have a more complicated family tree than the fellers with the big ears outta’n West by god Vahrginia!

      You see, your father’s wife is, in the normal course of things, YOUR MOTHER. NOT your mother-in-law. So Jed’s father’s wife would be Jed’s MOTHER, not his mother-in-law, you DOLT. You stupid FAWK.

      Here’s an example of mother-in-law: You’ve married a WOMAN. Your woman has a mother and a father. Your wife’s MOTHER is YOUR mother-in-law. She does NOT share YOUR name. Get it?

      Geez, Louise, could you be any DUMBER!?

  5. If Granny is Jed’s mother-in-law then Granny would be the mother of Jed’s wife. If Granny was married to Jed’s father then she would be Jed’s mother or perhaps step-mother, unless Jed’s dad divorced his wife and then married his daughter-in-law’s mother then she could be both his step mom and mother-in-law. More importantly, How come short cut-off jeans are called “Daisey Maes” it would be more appropriate to call them “Ellie Mae’s” ? While we’re at it is there a difference between “grey matter” and “gray matter” ? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. Cutoff very short jean shorts on hot girls/women are called ‘Daisy-Dukes” after Daisy Duke on “the Dukes of Hazzard” tv show, never heard of “Daisy Maes”, or Daisy Mays” either, FWIW.
      “Granny” could have been married to Jed’s father’s brother, who knows, they were hill/mountain people and could very well have been inter-married, I stand corrected, it is just an old tv comedy, much better than what is considered “comedy” since. Grey, or gray, spelling, I guess, who cares?

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