So the suspected cop killer of Officer Huesca has been identified.  He was given a court date instead of going to jail and posting bail on a recent arrest thanks to the “No Cash Bail” law.

If you guessed that he didn’t show up for his court date, you’re a smart cookie.

They couldn’t issue a new warrant because he didn’t satisfy conditions which would allow issuance of a warrant.

Of course, CPD cops in particular aren’t really happy about that.

But this is what you have in a violent criminal-friendly state.

From SCC:

  • Off Topic:Dateline Chicago, Crook CountyThe Person of interest in the murder of Officer Huesca hade a court date the other day at 26th and Cal for a prior Misdemeanor arrest. Of course he didn’t show up. Detectives and the ASA wanted to get at least a warrant for missing court but under the “SAFETY” act the judge could not get one under state law since it was a misdemeanor and only his 1st appearance.This State is totally messed up.

So as suspected, another one of Crimesha’s and Porky’s “SAFE-T Act” $hitbirds walking around with ZERO restrictions?

Great job you worthless f**ks.

UPDATE: An arrest warrant has been issued according to media sources. Not in custody yet, but they know who they’re looking for.

UPDATE: Raid overnight at 106th and Hale. Offender is in the wind, but his cousin was arrested for attempting to sell the Officer’s gun.

So the cop killer’s cousin was tryin’ to sell the cop’s gun.

There has since been a warrant issued for Xavier “Zay” Tate, Jr.

CHICAGO — Rewards totaling $100,000 are now being offered for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of Xavier L. Tate Jr., the Aurora man that Chicago police say murdered off-duty CPD Officer Luis Huesca last Sunday.

Cook County CrimeStoppers and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives are offering a combined $25,000 reward for information that leads to Tate’s arrest, according to CPD.

The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, the FBI, and the Fraternal Order of Police are offering a combined $75,000 for information leading to Tate’s arrest and conviction, police said.

According to the FBI, Tate also goes by the names “Zay” and Lamont Tate. He’s 5’11” tall and 175 pounds. The agency said he has a tattoo of the word “majesty” under a crown on the right side of his neck, with more tattoos on his chest and body. Besides Chicago and Aurora, he has ties to Olympia Fields, Champaign, and Decatur, the FBI said.

Wood chipper, scumbag cop killer, start button.  Some assembly required.

One thought on “Chicago cop killer, OUT ON ‘NO CASH BAIL’, doesn’t show up for earlier court date”
  1. Anddddddddddddddd…….. The morons in Chicago, the masses in northern Illinois will be sure to fill their ballots the same way old way and the fucktards will be re-elected in the same old way.

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