Illinois is a deep blue state on the whole. And along with deep blue comes a disregard of and even a hatred for issues like gun rights for the little people among many in the political class – even among some Republicans. What’s surprised me in this election season is the unabashedly pro-gun positions staked out by many candidates.

At Guns Save Life, we can’t endorse candidates because of our tax status. We do, however, educate the people on candidates’ positions. Here are some races we’re aware of with a substantive difference between the candidates in contested Republican primary races.

Why just a handful of Republican races? Because not a single pro-gun Democrat has reached out to us. Frankly, that should be alarming by itself, but shows how Democrats running for office have moved hard left, refusing to progress toward a future of freedom and instead promoting a system of gun control that reenacts past tyrannies.

Here’s one of the races we’re looking at.

Not only has Darren Bailey been to a lot of Guns Save Life meetings over the years, he’s a life member.

Illinois 12th Congressional District:  Darren Bailey vs. Mike Bost.

Talk is cheap among so many politicians today. At election time they start talking the talk about their support of issues their base cares about. Like Adam Kinzinger or Kevin McCarthy (or Mitch McConnell), they talk tough about their support for things like gun rights. They make all sorts of promises to do things they fully know they either cannot do or have no plans to do. Then, after the election, their “leadership” on things like guns evaporates faster than a freon spill in the summer sun.

Enter Mike Bost. In recent days he’s repeated his bromide that “When it comes to guns, no one’s a stronger supporter than Mike Bost.”

Then he goes to Washington DC and partners up with disgraced Congressman Adam Kinzinger to support the ATF banning bump stocks through regulatory rulemaking. But that’s not all. He also supports ending private guns sales nationwide by supporting so-called “universal background checks.”

Yes, despite Bost’s pledge that “When it comes to guns, no one’s a stronger supporter than Mike Bost,” this same Mike Bost has remained mum on Pritzker’s gun and magazine ban and its requirement that existing owners register their self-defense rifles, pistols and shotguns before January 1, 2024.

Have you seen pledges by Mike Bost not to comply?

We’ve seen them from Darren Bailey.

Darren Bailey offers full-throated support for gun rights. Bailey also proudly and publicly proclaims his unwillingness to register his guns, something that Mike Bost has been conspicuously quiet about.

While Bailey throws sand into gun control efforts in the state at every opportunity, Mike Bost keeps a low profile.

Why, it’s almost like Mike Bost is all talk and no action.

Or, as they say in Texas:  “All hat and no cattle.”

23 thoughts on “BOST IS ‘ALL HAT AND NO CATTLE’: Illinois Primary Races… Darren Bailey vs. Mike Bost (12th Congressional race)”
  1. Amen. Bost’s single schtick is to throw mock temper tantrums on the House floor when nobody except C-Span is there to see them. And then he supports gun control. QUISLING.

  2. Bost is the typical Illinois Republican the plays both sides until they call him out. Then either makes some senseless statement, that can later be misinterpreted or simply walks away in feigned anger.

    Moderate Republicans are no longer good for the party.

    1. Good for the party? What about good for gun owners? What about good for the Bill of Rights? What about good for normal US Citizens that just want to be left alone? That party is a grift and controlled opposition. They aren’t in Springfield for you. Below is a list of Republicans that voted to give the Illinois State Police more of your money to enforce the “assault weapon” ban. Get out of the denial stage people! You’ve been played. YOU.HAVE.BEEN.PLAYED!
      With friends like this:

  3. “Mike” Bost could easily pass as a transwoman. Perhaps the real name is Betty Bost. Just look at that puffy face. She/hers or They/them can’t claim to be pro-2A then be on the roll call vote for gun control any more than generic Republican (pro-life, hate the gays, love the cops) can claim to support gun owners when they prioritize OR support at all the Illinois State Police who’s an anti-2A activist agency and who’s been caught multiple times operating outside of their authority. Like the ATF. Back the blue = back the gun control enforcement compliments of all Democrats and some Republicans.

  4. If the “pro-gun” Republicans were serious, they would act like pro-lifers do. As in when the General Assembly voted to NOT share license plate data to states with more restrictive abortion laws IF that state was hunting down people who came to Illinois to seek an abortion. That bill to NOT share the data wasn’t directly abortion, but it indirectly assists people seeking an abortion. If Republicans took the 2nd Amendment as serious as they are opposed to abortion they wouldn’t support police. You know, the ones to enforce gun control. That’s not how it is though. In fact, they favor police MORE than the 2A. Don’t call this a pro-2A party unless you are delusional. Dems pass the gun control and Republicans support the enforcement of it via police worship. Back the Blue is back gun control. 2 + 2 = 4

    1. Yeah, that one has me scratching my head since Bailey seems to run as if he is the engineer of the Trump Train.

    2. Bost is a sentimental favorite of Trump’s even though Trump strongly supported Darren Bailey in his quest for governor in 2022….at the end of the day Trump is still a New York City liberal and doesn’t really give a rat’s ass about the 2nd amendment even though he shows up at the NRA conventions and gives his big talk…..I’m with Darren Bailey all the way and I am sure he is one of the very few who won’t be bought off.

  5. I absolutely LOVE that pic of him completing the puzzle at the dining table. With some of the most desirable firepower we’ve ever created just sittin’ there. Looks like an average weekend at our hunting camp. God Bless America! and save us from ourselves.

    1. Me too “kenny-boy”, he has a Thompson, one of my “dream” firearms from when I was in my “teen years”, they shoot smooth as soft butter, just heavy. Especially with the 50 round drum filled!

    2. GSL 1589 says:
      February 29, 2024 at 12:43 am
      Ken says:
      February 23, 2024 at 11:07 pm
      Add these fractions, you ol’ coot: 337 179/1137ths + 559 1374/11,392nds.
      Witchcraft. Pure, unadulterated witchcraft.
      NOT SO MUCH,, “kenny-boy” basic, simple math:
      GSL 1589 says:
      February 29, 2024 at 12:32 am
      “kenny-boy” to simplify it even further, turn your fractions into decimal equivalent, aka: tenths/thousandths, etc, to do that divide the numerator by the denominator, aka: 179 divided by 1137 = 0.1574318381706245, and 1374 divided by 11,392 = 0.1206109550561789, added together = 0.2780427932268043, or 0.278, …1/4 = 0.25, 5/16 = 0.3125, 9/32 = 0.28125, therefore, are you ready?, 896 and 9/32nds would be a VERY close (as within 3/512ths or plus/minus 5/1000ths aka: 0.0058) answer to your SIMPLE BASIC MATH problem simplified for your mentally inept limited education, how do you like me now, idgit? YOU ARE WELCOME! punk-boy. Fractions are just basic division, the very reason they are numerators and denominators, the numerators are the number of parts, the denominators are the total divisions of the whole (aka: “1”). SIMPLE, BASIC MATH NOT WITCHCRAFT, “kenny-boy”!

  6. CongressMAN Bost voted against the Respect for Marriage Act. That law passed and means the federal government simply recognizes the state’s actions of legal same sex and interracial marriage. The people opposed to same sex marriage always said “leave it up to the states” that is, unless the state legalizes it. So “leave it up to the states” was just a euphemism for “we hate the gays but can’t say it directly because modern normal people don’t put up with it.” (Please don’t share this little secret) But thanks to Mr. Bost for standing against same sex marriage. Straight people can’t get married if gay people do just like my mask doesn’t work unless you are also wearing one. My made-up insecurities and manufactured problems are your problems like it or not. AND I’ll play the victim card if you point anything out. If we could re-ban same sex marriage I’ll be more comfortable with myself. That’s why “traditional” marriage activists want it banned. You see, with it legal, I might be tempted to turn myself gay. All you have to do to change your sexual orientation is tap your heels together three times and say “there’s no place like gay, there’s no place like gay” and before you know it, you’re over the rainbow! Literally! Traditional people who claim people choose to be gay understand the power of the Wizard who lives in Oz and Glenda the good witch. I applaud Mr. Bost’s efforts though. Illinois passed same sex marriage in 2013 and straight marriage became extinct. No wonder why the Republican Party Platform says marriage is man/woman only. Heterosexuals are a marginalized community. Everyone hates us! Straight people are told to keep their private life private if they hold hands in public. Many local residents don’t want them to be school teachers because the hetero lifestyle is full of pornographically language such as THAT’s WHAT SHE SAID! We all know that’s an in the bedroom sex reference and they do it without even seeing if kids are around. Straight people have it bad! Poor straight people.

    1. You sound like a BLT freak.
      What’s next, letting NAMBLA diddle little boys at will, because it’s “normal?”

    2. WOW, Gipper, looks like the GrifterLyingSCUM has a woody for the leftist-wanna-be Bost; the Grifter sure seems “mixed up” whether (s)he is BI, Lesbian, or Tranny, (s)he gives the impression (s)he is hiding as Heterosexual (or is it Metro-sexual?), or as used to be said “in the closet”, seems as though Glenn and GrifterLyingScum are “intimate”, but that’s nunn-a my bidness, and frankly, I wouldn’t/don’t care, the best thing about “gaies” is that they cannot reproduce, but the worst thing is they have to “indoctrinate” to keep the pathetic “lifestyle” they have become accustomed to and to have “peers” they can hang with.
      “Normal” is as “normal” does.

  7. Gipper’s Ghost, thanks for proving to everyone on here that people like YOU are the reason we are getting these gun bans. You see, when backward neanderthal fucks like YOU compare gay people to child molesters you do in fact speak for the Republican Party and push people to vote Democrat which in turn, gets more gun control passed. How did Virginia recently get an “assault weapon” ban through their legislature? PRO-LIFERS! Imagine one political party debating when YOU get to have a procedure. Is it 15 weeks? How about 16, how about 17 and 5 hours. The GOP has taken abortion to predatory creep levels and it turns people OFF! Add that to your morals and values anti-gay shit. People don’t want black and white tv’s anymore dude. You are obsolete. As stupid as your comment was I would assume that YOU are a closet case and just hate yourself. The possibility remains you are just a self-righteous judgmental type that thinks the world revolves around you. Either way you make an excellent Republican, like a poster boy who scares the crap out of people and shoves them to the other side, then we get gun control. Fuck you and your backward mentality. Go back to the 1950’s. You aren’t relevant anymore.

  8. Gipper’s Ghost, so what about all of the straight guys dropping sexual comments out in public like “that’s what she said” along with open discussion about women’s body parts with ZERO concern of who might be around to hear it. So let me guess, you are OK and just fine with sexualized comments around minors? Is this your version of “normal?” Speaking of NAMBLA. Mirrors are for sale at Walmart.

  9. Gipper’s Ghost, you appear to be suffering from irrational fears. This time of people who happen to be gay. People who are impaired by irrational fear are easily manipulated. Perhaps you would feel better following Dr. Anthony Fauci’s advice and wear a facial covering to keep you safe from the big bad world. AND don’t forget, mask up between bites! Trust the science. Ask no questions. Do what you’re told. They know better than you. I’ll let you get back to CNN. (Church News Network)

    1. TOADY-boy, CNN is as far from a “Church News Network” as Marxism is from Christianity, you are showing your imbecility AGAIN! Your blather/screed is just another pile of word manure, go grab yer depends to take care of yer manure mr. in-depend(s)-ant

  10. GSL 1589, how is CNN as far away from Church New Network as Marxism to Christianity? They are all the same thing. You have a mindset that is handed to its adherents to follow without question. They are told to either trust “the science” or “god” then do as instructed. Any deviation results in punishment. This is both slavery and communism. The followers of Marxism or any religion are cut of the same cloth. They need a purpose and since they are deciding for themselves that they are useless as an individual without the approval of others they seek validation from what they consider a higher power and purpose so they voluntarily enslave themselves to the group of conformity for the purpose of belonging. Wear a mask alone in the car Marxism or talking snakes Christianity is the same thing. Both are obnoxiously absurd to anyone else yet believed by its sheep adherents. It’s the price Christians/Religious people/Marxists pay for a sense of value. That value however, is fake. The joke is on YOU.

    1. TOAD, you are really consumed by the “woke” Marxist agenda, where did YOU get YOUR INDOCTRINATION, the pubic skools taught/indoctrinated by the “almighty teacher’s unions”? You have a very pathetic outlook on anyone that will not conform to your “ideals”, don’t you?

  11. FMB…..! Let’s Go Brandon ! Hey Gipper, good point, it is because Trump is TERRIBLE at hiring people. The latest being the Neo-Con Bushy Boy wants in charge of the RNC. Look at all the ass clowns he hired for his administration. Let us not forget the lack of sack with the bump stock rule. The smoke you hear about he obviated a problem in Congress is bullshit. I will still write the guy in, as of now an idiot judge in Cook County removed him from the ballot (not legal), but I am not a Kool Aid drinker.

    1. Let’s all hope Trump has better “advisors” when he is inaugurated next January, I think that was his difficulty in the first term, he was used to dealing with the political “power structure” in New York and other cities he had business in and when running as a Repub in 2015-16, those were the people he had to rely on for his appointments and staff around him.
      Pray that America will survive the riots when he is elected, you know the leftists will try to burn America to the ground, instead of leaving the country.

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