Did you know that Brandon Johnson won his election as Chicago’s mayor in large part thanks to getting 80% of the vote in Chicago’s 17 black wards?  Well, it’s buyer’s remorse for those folks.  Overall, “Let’s Go Brandon” – aka Birdbrain – has the approval of just 21% of Murder City voters.  Some say that’s the lowest approval any mayor has ever had, period.

Here’s the bad new for Brandon:  It is the worst… so far.

Among black males, Branon enjoys a whopping 14% approval.

Folks, if you elect an idiot you get idiot policies.

From the Chicago Crusader:

Rocked by a migrant crisis that has many concerned about the city’s future, only 21 percent of Chicago voters approve of Mayor Brandon Johnson’s leadership during his eight months in office, according to a recent poll.

Among the unhappy voters are Black males. Only 14 percent of them approve of Johnson’s leadership in his first term in office.

The poll was conducted by Tulchin Research, a Democratic pollster whose clients include County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and California Governor Gavin Newsom. The poll was first published in the Chicago Sun-Times.

The poll was conducted January 4-9. It was the second poll taken regarding Johnson’s leadership since November, when 28 percent of registered voters approved the mayor’s leadership in office. But that poll was conducted by the conservative Illinois Policy Institute, and the latest poll was reportedly paid for by “Stand For Children,” which the Chicago Teacher’s Union dismissed as “right wing,” and the Union’s president reportedly further mockingly calls the polling entity “Stand On Children.”

While Johnson won over 52 percent of the vote against Paul Vallas in the runoff, he won over 80 percent of the vote in Chicago’s 17 Black wards.

7% of those surveyed viewed Brandon’s leadership as excellent.  They must work for one of the companies Brandon’s paying to handle the illegal aliens, or perhaps they are Chicago Teacher’s Union members.

After all, Brandon’s their bought-and-paid-for mayor.

3 thoughts on “Chicago ‘People’s Mayor’ at 21% approval rating”
  1. This is what happens when idiots, racist blacks who vote by skin color only, self loathing white liberal scum, and union stooges clop to the voting booth and vote stupid. Next election the Dummycrat filth will prop up a new marxist puppet ( remember this asshole replaced Lightfoot after 1 term ) and the zombies will vote for even worse garbage than what they get from this clown.

  2. It can’t be the illegal aliens that are causing all this fuss……back in 1950 Chicago housed 3.65 million residents….as of 2024 there are only 2.8 millions residents in Murder City and that leaves almost 800,000 empty housing units available for vacancy…..the math just doesn’t add up…… Chi’raq” must have over 1,000,000 illegal aliens to cause this much anger and division within their democratic base to give their beloved mayor such a piss poor approval rating…..I think we are being lied too as to the real extent of this foreign invasion……it’s just a matter of time before we start seeing these thugs in our rural communities…..better stock up on ammo while you still can.

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