Quincy’s Guns Save Life meeting has some incredible stuff happening.  And even more better things are coming.  Here’s a couple of teasers:  We’re in talks to bring William Kirk of Washington Gun Law to our meeting as a speaker.  We’ll have Tom DeVore at our March 27th meeting as our main speaker.  In addition, we’re working on the tech aspects of bringing GSL’s Executive Director in on “Zoom” to deliver his Executive Director’s Update and take questions.  At this rate our meetings will feature running water and indoor bathrooms within a couple of years as we try to modernize.  (Just kidding…)

Jared Ogden (pictured above) is a former Navy SEAL, founder of the Phoenix Patriot Foundation and has appeared on the hit National Geographic TV show – Ultimate Survival Alaska.  Locally, he’s the creator of the Sugar Cookie Open, a golf tournament in Quincy, IL that raises funds for charities such as the the Quincy Fire Department, the Adams County Sheriff’s Department, the Illinois Veterans Home, and PGA for Hope.

The tournament gets its name from basic underwater demolition Navy SEAL training.  What the heck is a sugar cookie?  It ain’t what your mom used to make.

Ogden explains:  “When they say make a sugar cookie, that means go to the surf zone, get wet in the Pacific Ocean, and then roll around in the sand, get sandy from head to toe and then whatever happens… six-mile run, classroom work, obstacle course… whatever it is, now you’re wet and sandy doing it.”

Ogden is also the CEO of Triumph Systems, founded in 2015, a series of target & training systems with the goal of redefining cognitive & discretionary training amongst law enforcement agencies nationwide, academies, federal agencies, international agencies, CCW holders, and defenders of our country.

The Quincy Guns Save Life Chapter is extremely excited to welcome Jared as our main speaker this coming Wednesday, February 28th, at the Eagles Club.   Dinner and conversation start at 6pm or earlier.  The meeting program starts at 7pm.

Oh yeah, in March, at the March 27th meeting, we’ll have Tom DeVore!  I nicknamed him “Bazooka” Tom because he’s always kicking butt and chewing bubble gum.  And he’s fresh outta bubble gum.