We mailed our December 2023 issue of GunNews on the day before Thanksgiving last year.  It seems as though someone at the US Post Office was triggered by the cover and decided to make a pallet full of GunNews just fall into the cracks for a few months.   Out of the blue, the issue began arriving in the mailboxes of members yesterday – 96 days later.

96 days.

Ninety-six days!  That’s some crack service there.

Was it the headline?  Or (more likely, in my opinion) was it the image?

They began delivering them yesterday as I got mine.  And I also received a bevy of emails and text messages from a whole lot of people that they got theirs as well.

We paid $1,561.63 for the US Post Office to mail that issue and deliver them in a timely manner.  Taking 96 days to deliver our date-sensitive periodical is grossly unacceptable.

At the same time I know I might as well as just urinate into a hurricane-force wind if I think complaining to the USPS about this and asking for our money back will achieve anything other than wasting my time and life’s energy.

This is the second time in the past three or four years that GunNews has gone missing.  The first time we raised Cain it escalated all the way to St. Louis where I got the runaround from someone there.  Until I got a couple of Congresspeople (thank you Darin LaHood and Mary Miller) got involved.

Suddenly, within a few days, the issues arrived.  Yeah, it was about three months after we mailed them, but they arrived.  It helps to have friends in high places.

9 thoughts on “US POST OFFICE TAKES 96 DAYS: December issue of GunNews, mailed Nov. 22, arrives in mailboxes now”
  1. WOW, Imagine that, an INEPT gubmint agency! I have had my own experiences with the ineptness of USPS and bills not getting to destinations soon enough. Right at the time USPS was wanting price increase of first class postage, imagine that, ineptness as they want more money! Grrrr!

  2. The communists never care about the Constitution or the law unless it benefits them and then use it to justify their actions to force power on the masses.
    Bureaucracy, corruption, incompetence, traitorous behavior, and out right tyrannical rule is the mantra of the new generation of left-wing socialist Democrats.

  3. Correction. You aren’t dealing the the Post Office, you are dealing with the United States Postal SERVICE. They are not part of the government (anymore) like you were indoctrinated in school to believe. They are an independent corporation with a Dun & Bradstreet number. If you really want something delivered reliably through them, you’d have to use the tried and true, Post Office registered mail. This is the only mail that they are required to maintain a chain of custody. Illinois mail-in voting chain of custody only starts when the election office receives them, not during its journey through the postal service. If woke postal service workers will mess with GSL papers, what do you think they do with mail-in votes from those uppity gun-loving neighborhoods? Don’t believe the GOP out pushing the narrative that we have to push the mail-in voting like the Dems. They are either stupid, or in on the scheme.

    1. Very good point, sir.
      “If woke postal service workers will mess with GSL papers, what do you think they do with mail-in votes from those uppity gun-loving neighborhoods?”

  4. If you think it’s not worth complaining about it and trying to get your money back, then you’re not talking to the right people. They readily give a refund when a package does not arrive, it should be no different for something like this. Fifteen hundred is no small amount, don’t piss it away.

  5. If Biden (Big Mike or Glorious Gav) gets 82 Million votes this time around I’m gonna detonate my secret nukes.

  6. I just got my GSL membership card in the mail…it was the second attempt.
    One the first time out, it was kicked back to GSL with the yellow label announcing “Vacant. Unable to forward” despite my living at the correct address for a decade.
    Glad the Post Office agreed this second time I am in fact still here. Life affirming….

  7. Looked into my pile. I received this issue way back when I was supposed to, so obviously some of them went through.

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