$4,000.  That was what one man was willing to accept to bomb Tucker Carlson’s car with an IED while it was parked at the Four Seasons hotel.

Looks like Zelensky wants to make it personal with Tucker.

Or was it the CIA?

Either way, the guy they caught is going to wish he wasn’t born.

7 thoughts on “Ukrainian plot to assassinate Tucker Carlson while he was in Moscow foiled”
  1. I’ve always believed that the CIA killed John F Kennedy.
    Instead of buying a Carcano, Oswald could have bought an 03 Springfield for just a few dollars more.
    Why would a Marine by a Carcano when he could have bought a Springfield?

    1. I have a Carcano, the gun that “killed Kennedy.”
      Here’s a hint: IT DIDN’T. THREE headshots at that range? Pshit.

    2. Why would a guy living in Texas in 1963 (Lee Oswald) send away to a sporting goods store in Chicago to buy an $19 Italian surplus rifle via mail order? Maybe there weren’t any good used rifles available at gun shops, sporting goods stores, department stores, private sales, etc. at the time.

  2. Putin’s not a bad leader compared to puddin brains. Glad his intelligence services blocked this attempt on Carlson.

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