Todd Vandermyde, the Illinois gun law guru, hits a home run mocking our rather portly governor.  “What was that you said, Governor?” is the title of the video.  Todd savages Mr. “All you can eat buffet” expert JB Pritzker in his remarks from a year ago that police will enforce the PICA gun ban law or they’ll be out of a job.

Todd contrasts Governor Jelly Bean’s terse remarks from a year ago with public pronouncements from the ISP in the face of 99% non-compliance with the gun registration scheme.


10 thoughts on “WHAT’S THAT? Pritzker said LEOs *WILL* enforce PICA or they’ll be out of a job; ISP says no intention of ‘prosecuting’ gun owners for failing to register”
  1. Prayers up for Todd V. and his family, May God heal and comfort them through their trials.

  2. F*^ck you ass-clown Pritzker! I will not patronize your family shooting range 5 miles over the border in Wisconsin. I may show up with signs informing the good people of Wisconsin the business is FIB owned. For those of you not familiar F&*cking Illinois Bastard. A fat bastard at that……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Attacking a persons weight and making jokes about someone’s appearance does nothing positive for our side. It does nothing but deligitimize you and the entire pro 2a side. How about writing articles and leaving comments like your an adult and not mentally stuck back in the 7th grade.

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    2. Oh, does a flawed character just get better over time?

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    3. “ken”, you must be looking in the mirror as you declare “flawed character”, GrifterLyingSpooferScumscam.

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