OK, this is just a story pointing out “Dumb.” Not surprisingly, it originates in Washington D.C. I think I am still allowed to point out dumb…but it may be socially/politically incorrect to do so. How about “Ideal Challenged?”

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed America is currently suffering through local and global problems somewhat larger than this bill, which is not so so timely addressing “Preventing Private Paramilitary Activity Act.” Yes, that specter which looms so large over us all- Private Paramilitary activities! That must be why your taxes are so high or no bread on the shelf!

It’s a wonder we as a country are able to function at all with that daily threat hanging over us! How can we manage the upcoming elections, the borders, funding more Billions to Ukraine, give more money to Iran and being best pals with China, keeping the borders wide open, and watching the inflation and gasoline rates increase. Then what about those rock and rocket throwing Palestinians and Hootie and the Blowfish? Oops, that is Houthies. Not to mention the fact, isn’t it time for Kim Jun Un to toss another missile or two into the Japan Sea to get some attention?

Well how can we deal with all of that when we have to worry about Paramilitary Activities at home interrupting everything?

This oh so not-timely bill, if passed into law, claims it would make federal penalties for those “paramilitary” who would intimidate elected officials, interfere with government proceedings, and pretend to be law enforcement.

Well by God. We must remain vigilant. Thank you, Congressmen, for introducing this bill. Remember when that military style force occupied Washington and destroyed the capital?

Oh. Um, well yeah, that was the British back in 1812…and those guys on Jan 6th did break some windows.

Co-Sponsor of the bill, Senator Ed Markey, D-Mass, (is it pronounced MALARKY?) says white supremacists affiliated with paramilitary activities stormed the Capitol 3 years ago and “shattered windows, walls and families.” Yes, swinging into action 3 years later, the Senator is filing a feel-good bill probably for reelection purposes. But darn it he is pretty serious about doing something about it! Just overlook the 3 years it took them to react…or the actual activities it would ban.

Quoted as saying “Private paramilitary actors, such as the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, pose a serious threat to democracy and the rule of law, and we must create new prohibitions on their unauthorized activities that interfere with the exercise of people’s constitutional rights. The forces of bigotry, hatred, and violent extremism must be stopped for the sake of our democracy.”

I don’t know anything about the Proud Boys or Oath Keepers or have any knowledge of what they do or don’t do. But oddly, when liberals say the word “democracy” and how they need to protect it, then it seems to mean only the way they want things run and what they believe.

Anything or person who thinks or acts contrary to group-thought is a threat to their “democracy.” (Wait isn’t that the actual definition of Fascism?) Why yes, it is. They are still claiming that one guy running for president, is still a “threat to democracy” just by being a candidate. Obviously, he must be thwarted at all costs, harried and harassed in the courts and put in jail, if at all possible, to prevent him from being legally elected again! Save the “democracy!” Harumph. Harumph.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., a co-sponsor of this Paramilitary bill over in the House of Representatives, said the groups use “political violence” to intimidate people and “threaten democracy.” Wow. There is that “democracy” word again.

I think I have seen a few groups pretty publicly committing “political violence” all across the nation in the last three years, haven’t you? Some were even headed up by avowed Marxists. Do you think this bill will apply to them? Nah. Will the FBI go back-tracking to haul those people into federal courts for actual criminal acts above the level of trespassing? Puh-lease.

Remember way back in 2021, when President Biden said white supremacists replaced Jihadists as “Most Lethal Terrorist Threat” to the U.S.? Well apparently, the far left is still trying to whip that sad old claim into physical being by proclaiming a threat to democracy via private paramilitary activities again with this bill.

Vice President Kamala Harris even compared the Jan 6 riots (Insurrection) to Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Seems a bit out of context to me. Seeing all those protesters on video walking between the velvet ropes while Capital Police held the doors open, did not equate in my mind to surprise bombing attacks on the Pacific Fleet or World Trade Center resulting in thousands of American deaths. I must be jaded.
Back to the Dumb part of the bill, they define a private paramilitary activity which can lead to such “bad” things and “bad” thoughts, and “any group of 3 or more persons associating under a command structure for the purposes of functioning in public or training to function in public as a combat, combat support, law enforcement or security services unit.”

3 or more persons? Doesn’t that ring a bell somewhere…something about right of association… you know Constitutional rights and all? Must just be me. When I see limits on numbers of persons doing anything in a proposed law, the hair on the back of my neck goes up.

These groups identified by the Representative sound a lot like some other much more famous groups to me who committed $2 Billion in property damage in 574 riots in just 2020. The Senator cites bigotry, hatred and violent extremism. Hey, I know that tune! Sounds very familiar… But you know those white supremacist and paramilitary groups are so sneaky, they are just out there. Somewhere. Really. You can’t see ‘em, but they are there. They mean it. So we obviously need to have another law against them assembling and thinking about things.

Have you seen any other headlines about those paramilitary combat groups attacking things? Setting fires or blowing things up? Overthrowing governments? Maybe we should do other things to protect the “democracy” like taking guns away from pesky citizens and limit their publication of ideas too…just in case they might rise up some day in some protest or encourage others. Probably best to limit that. Nip it. Can’t be too careful when you are protecting “democracy.”

The bill’s verbiage says it would punish those groups of 3 or more who might eventually intimidate elected officials, interfere with government proceedings, and pretend to be law enforcement.

Aren’t those acts already crimes? Of course, they are. In fact, the Georgetown Law Analysis said all 50 states already prohibit paramilitary activity, there are just no federal laws against it. Oh, and I recently saw groups showing up on the front lawns of federal elected officials to influence/intimidate them in Washington! Oh, wait. Never mind, it was Pro-Palestinians again. Nothing to see here folks.

Once again, the congress people involved with this bill should just refund the salary they were paid back to the public coffers for the time they and staff put into it.

I have never heard of anyone who desires to participate in private paramilitary activities as defined. But as a good citizen, please do be on the lookout for any such group with a tank brigade, rotary wing and fixed wing TACAIR assets. Those guys could be serious! Never know where they might be lurking!

If you see some Private Paramilitary Activities For Gods Sake Say Something!

12 thoughts on “Fed Bill to Stop the Oh So Prevalent Private Paramilitary Activity.”
  1. I am hiding under my bed as I type this, it sure is dark and crowded. I don’t want to be mistaken for a white jihadi by Jamie Raskin and Kamilla DeVille. I want my friends and relatives to stop coming over. I wouldn’t want us mistaken as a mob of zealots. I’m in fear of a drone strike by Obidenma. Remember the rules and be safe.

  2. Every time I see Raskin I feel like I need a shower. His stench is so powerful it actually travels through the monitor. He has a layer of grease on him inches think.

    Does the ISP count as a paramilitary force when harassing lawful gun owners over PICA? Just wondering.

  3. Other than the “White” part, sounds more like the leftist-Marxist group ANTIFA with some BlackLiesMatter thrown in. Just sayin’.
    Pray for America, democRATS aren’t concerned about America as founded, a “Representative Republic”, they are worried about the end of democRATS and the democRAT-i-KKK PARTY because they do not believe in democracy, period. Their words deceive, as in “gaslighting”, they cannot abide TRUTH, period.

  4. I always love it when Chris Plante comments on air….”Because the Democratic Party…isn’t.”

    1. I love listening to Chris Plante as well, have to be up to listen to his first hour on-line though, sometimes the first hour should not be missed! I remember “normal”, as well! Kudos, Mike!

  5. Soooo, ALL protective details of the elite, and government, will now become a maximum of 2 protectors? That’ll throw both Brandons into a bind. Add music to your work-outs to make it art.

  6. Ho-humm hang the bums.
    We do NOT live in a democracy.
    The threat and interference to the constitutional rights of U.S. Citizens IS the Federal and State governments.
    The offenses this bullshit addresses are ALREADY criminal offenses.
    Have we all had enough yet?
    Does it strike anyone these assholes appear to be afraid of an armed citizenry? Be afraid you f&^king ass-clowns, VERY AFRAID.

    1. Sound of siren.
      “Thought Police! Pull over there buddy. Sounds like you’ve had too much to think!”

  7. God forbid we would practice using our guns effectively. Why, we might train ourselves well enough to overthrow (or at least neuter) our tyrannical oppressor(s).

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