News of Gov. Pritzker’s plans for future confiscation of PICA-regulated guns continued to spread throughout media and on social media.  We all know that gun confiscation typically follows gun registration schemes.  That’s one reason for the very low, 1% compliance rate with the gun registry.

As a side note, I’m feeling better now.  Friday into Saturday I felt the sickest I’ve ever been in my life.  The last doc I spoke with suggest I had RSV, not influenza.  Either way, it wasn’t COVID and I was miserable.

But let’s start with the confiscation.

Over Sunday on The Center Square this was their headline story… and they tied news of our leak with the governor’s own remarks:

(The Center Square) – Some are speculating Gov. J.B. Pritzker may work to confiscate registered firearms if there’s another mass casualty event.

Part of Illinois’ gun ban enacted last year includes a registry of banned items. Before the Jan. 1 deadline to register, nearly 30,000 Illinsoians registered banned firearms with the state. That’s about 1.22% of the state’s 2.4 million Firearm Owners ID card holders.

Guns Save Life Executive Director John Boch said there could be efforts on the horizon implemented to confiscate firearms that were registered following a mass casualty event.

“Existing people who have dutifully followed the registration requirement of the law are given 90 days to surrender those firearms and accessories to police, or they face an additional felony charge,” Boch told The Center Square was leaked to him.

While Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s office denied similar assertions raised elsewhere with a comment to ABC 20, Pritzker last month did address why he approved a banned gun registry.

“We wanna make sure that you know where those very, very deadly weapons are, who owns them, when and if a crime is committed with one of them,” Pritzker said

That surely caught some eyeballs.

Meanwhile, William Kirk from Washington Gun Law hinted around about potential confiscation in his latest video, mentioning both the Executive Order confiscation as well as the legislation “solution” that was leaked to GSL last fall:





10 thoughts on “CONFISCATION: News of Pritzker’s Plans for gun confiscation proliferate, as it should”
  1. RSV can be some nasty business. That is nothing to play around with at all.

    Putzker is putting on his Helen Lovejoy ‘won’t someone PLEASE think of the children’ act again this weekend over the sanctuary invasion over the southern border. Since Fat Ass is the co-chair for Diapers, perhaps he could take a minute out of his busy schedule of snarfing donuts and virtue signaling, wake Joke up, and tell him to close the fucking border. Just a thought.

    As to the confiscation aspect, I fully expect the GA to try and put something together along these lines soon. They already want your DL to be revoked if you don’t surrender your FOID card on request for any reason (Red Flag anyone?); I am sure they will now try to match up those that didn’t register and attempt the same coercive bullshit there, too. The communists are relentless. When they fail, they simply take an even more outrageous tack and try again. Our courts better get their heads out of their asses soon, or we will no longer have a Constitution to defend at all.

  2. Glad you’re feeling better JB. Similar to DL revocation for failing to surrender a FIOD card, I never understood why the state denies hunting and fishing licenses to child support scofflaws. It seems like a strategy to create more crimes. It’s difficult to be employed if you can’t drive to or for work. REAL criminals don’t concern themselves with DL compliance or FOID cards.

    1. Don’t you know? It is a PRIVILEGE for we peasants to be allowed to live in the same world as our Democrat betters. They are smarter than we are, and only have our best interests at heart. The overseer only cares for the well-being of his chattel.

    2. The whole point of this IS to DESTROY lawful gun owners, take away their property, their livelihoods, and if not their liberty, then their lives. NEVER FORGET the communists HATE YOU and the rest of America (those like us, at any rate). This is either gonna be a 2nd American Revolution or Civil War 2 [#CW2], or (I believe) BOTH.
      And that is why there’s 15-20 million new gun owners, billions of rounds of common military calibers from 9mm to .223/5.56 to 7.62 NATO being sold at such a pace, it’s all the ammo manufacturers can do to keep up. Get ready, because sh!t’s gonna be poppin in the next 24 months, if not sooner. The handwriting is on the wall.

    3. Great screen name there, AP. Now that was one dude that knew how to deal with communists on their own terms. Just think of all the flying lessons he gave out for free out the side door of helicopters…

  3. SB2720 will be a chicken-crap way for the State to force ALL uniformed LEOs to deal with enforcement through daily contacts (i.e. traffic crashes and domestic calls). Guns, FOIDS, CCL’s, D.L.s will likely be surrendered, on-scene, with a receipt and some paper directing you to your first court appearance, depending on your attitude. Roadsides, booking rooms, or Officer Friendly’s supervisor, are not where constitutional issues are adjudicated. This will likely result in an overnight stay followed by an appearance before a judge to convince him/her that there’s “really, no hard feelings” on your part, before you’re released with a court ordered laundry list of do’s & don’t’s, if the State doesn’t screw us and make it a bondable offense(s). Just a hunch. Remember: Don’t beat your spouse, avoid traffic crashes and road rage. Smile and wave with ALL your fingers. Just make sure the questionable/debatable articles are outside of the State’s jurisdiction until this, too, comes-to-pass.

    1. According to the Chicago cops posting on Second City Cop (great site by the way), their LEADS terminals have already been updated with a field that shows whether a subject has registered firearms via the PICA online system or not. So, they know through LEADS if you have an FOID and a CCL, and now whether you also own registered firearms in PICA. It won’t take long for the real assholes in the LEO world to start trying to making ‘investigative’ stops with this information with no basis whatsoever. This thing is going to get out of hand – which is EXACTLY what Lard Lard wants.

  4. Uhhhhhhhh JB I think you are full of poo. Knowing where the guns are and who has them does not prevent a crime and rarely solves a crime. If a firearm used in a crime is recovered, if the serial number is still readable, if a trace (official term for the process) is successful it usually ends up as so: “Did you purchase this firearm from XYZ gunshop?” “Do you still have this firearm?” Usual answer is NO….. “What happened to the firearm?” It was stolen in a burglary is the answer in a majority of instances… “Did you report the firearm stolen?” Yes is the majority answer…. “Were offenders charged in your burglary?” I don’t know is the most common answer…. When the case number is pulled most burglaries are unsolved.
    In other words serial numbers, paperwork, AND registrations are often as useless as boobs on a bull !!!!!!!
    Confiscation follows registration ALWAYS !!!!!!!!!!

    1. JB the Prickster essentially admitted as much in a presser recently. He wants to confiscate everyone’s guns, we know he wants to confiscate everyone’s guns, but everyone knows that without registrations, the gun grabbers don’t know who to raid. Either way, they don’t have the manpower, and then there’s the matter of optics. If the Commiecrats go Full Stalin on all FOID cardholders, that would likely trigger a civil war [#CW2] and/or a 2nd American Revolution. In their efforts to tread on us, they’re bending over backwards to tread as lightly as possible. All we need to do is stay alert, tell them NO, and keep exercising every lawful remedy at our disposal.

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