Chicago’s illustrious (incompetent) Mayor “Let’s Go Brandon” Johnson is having serious anxiety issues over his utter incompetent failure as Murder City USA’s new-ish mayor.  He’s been making good use of the gold-plated health insurance the mayor gets by checking himself into the hospital for anxiety attacks.  Does that mean he’s now a prohibited person when it comes to owning guns?

Anyway, according to John Kass and his “The Chicago Way” podcast, “Let’s Go Brandon” isn’t running Chicago.  Instead, the Chicago Teacher’s Union and Toni Preckwinkle is running the show.

Head on over and listen to John Kass’ podcast featuring Anita Padilla.  Second City Cop turned us on to this:

John Kass Podcast

Guest star Anita Padilla.

And they go after “the Chicago Way,” Crimesha, Prickwrinkle, Floyd riots, etc

They even bring up Conehead’s multiple hospital trips for “stress” related illnesses and his general inability to handle the job he was shoved into.

Put it on as you’re driving somewhere.  It’s a good listen.


3 thoughts on “Did you know? ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Johnson has been hospitalized with anxiety attacks? John Kass has more…”
  1. I didn’t know a soulless Communist piece of shit like Conehead could suffer from anxiety about anything. Why would he? America’s destruction is proceeding apace due to his fellow travelers, and he has his own little small part in making Chicago into Yemen with his stupidity.

    1. He’s no leader. And life isn’t quite working out as all of his utopian beliefs suggested it would.

  2. Poor, pitiful, Brandon, having anxiety attacks, imagine those that don’t have a police “pretorian guard” surrounding them as they try to shop, go to work or out for entertainment in “his” crime riddled city and have no means of (legal) protection from criminals. Maybe he should resign and hope the city can find someone more inclined to “take care of business” for the city. Just sayin’.

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