Col. Mark Hurley (USAF, Retired – you can call him “Colonel”) has given a couple of great presentations on Artificial Intelligence (AI) at GSL meetings in the past couple of months.  Hurley’s a brilliant guy and distills AI down to a “tool” that can be used for good, bad or incompetent purposes.  In the private sector, it’s used as a money maker to generate content tailored to what a real person is looking for.

By the way, if you’ve missed his presentations at our respective monthly meetings, you missed a lot.  The audiences have *really* enjoyed his presentations.

Enter a craptastic website The Gun Zone.

It’s chock full a crap content likely created with AI.

Why do we suspect AI?

We have a nose for it.

The Gun Zone junk website came to our attention from someone asking if this is right?

That’s some outstanding information there, “The Gun Zone”!

Who in the hell is Aiden Tate, author of that grossly incorrect pablum?

Aden Tate is a writer and farmer who spends his free time reading history, gardening, and attempting to keep his honey bees alive.

Suuuurrreeeeeee.  I would be willing to bet a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts that Aden Tate is just like those Sports Illustrated “writers” that turned out to be nothing more than AI content generators.

Oh, but their great content at “The Gun Zone” doesn’t stop there.

William Taylor, who claims he’s this:

William is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. His duties included Security Advisor/Shift Sergeant, 0341/ Mortar Man- 0369 Infantry Unit Leader, Platoon Sergeant/ Personal Security Detachment, as well as being a Senior Mortar Advisor/Instructor. He now spends most of his time at home in Michigan with his wife Nicola and their two bull terriers, Iggy and Joey. He fills up his time by writing as well as doing a lot of volunteering work for local charities.

and offers this bit of important legal tidbit:

Hmmm.  Gun registration isn’t for CCW handguns.

But what do I know?

Someone should tip off Lucky Gunner to have them pull their advertising from this craptastic The Gun Zone website.

Folks, make sure you find reputable websites for the information you’re looking for.  Watch for AI bias in your search engine results.  And use your common sense.

AI is everywhere.





5 thoughts on “JUNK WEBSITES OFFER JUNK INFO: Only ‘registered’ handguns may be carried concealed in IL… And it’s illegal to carry more than one CCW firearm at a time…”
  1. Scary. It’s ALL OVER ebay now, too. You can just tell. And it’s an option when listing items. It says right there, “let ChatGPT write it for you?”

  2. Today’s AI uses a Large Language Model (LLM). It gets fed a lot of text from multiple sources and uses it to learn to MIMIC Human Speech and Writing. It will write complete nonsense facts with perfect grammar and syntax.

    It brings the computer science motto to life.

    GIGO: Garbage In – Garbage Out

    The LLM just gobbles up more Garbage, and spews it right back out.

  3. AI is the new electric vehicle…..flawed, dangerous, and annoying. It’s like Clippy the Paperclip on steroids. “It looks like you’re writing a letter; you’re too dumb to do it yourself, so I’ll write it for you.” Yikes!

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