So I got a call Wednesday morning.  “We need FOID cardholders to vote their guns!” was the message.

Well, no kidding.

Problem is that most “normal people” in Illinois think their votes don’t count.  Between election integrity concerns (that’s spelled mail-in ballot fraud), gerrymandering, and the Dem Machine politics, plenty of ordinary people think “why bother” when it comes to voting.

Here’s Darren Bailey’s thoughts on all this…

Darren Bailey, a man who has spent as much time running against the establishment Republicans as he has against Democrats, spoke in Charleston at our January 2024 meeting. He came following his announcements at the first of the year that “I will not comply” with Governor Pritzker’s gun registration scheme.

He noted that less than half of the normal people in our state came out and voted in 2022, in part because a lot of them didn’t vote think their votes really mattered. Even worse, when we do elect good people, too often they don’t stand up and fight back, but instead the join the “go along to get along” caucus and do nothing.

Or worse yet, they tell voters they are strongly pro-gun and then sell us out. Such as in the case of Congressman Mike Bost. Bost talks a good game on guns at home but in Washington, he advocates for gun control measures. And when the votes weren’t there to pass gun control schemes, Bost joined disgraced Rep. Adam Kinzinger to call on the ATF to ban bump stocks through improper administrative rule-making.

2024’s elections can be a catalyst for change. Your vote surely does count, particularly in local races like school boards, judges, state’s attorneys, sheriffs and town councils. Those votes also count and then some for county and state officials. Sure, Illinois probably won’t be voting red for President anytime soon, but Bailey urged everyone to make sure those normal people in their circle of friends gets out and votes. Those votes do count!

Your votes only count if you cast them!

We must urge our normal friends (you can pass over college kids and recent grads who have been “woke-ified”) to actually go cast ballots in both the primary election in March and in the General Election in November.

If you don’t vote, you vote doesn’t count!

6 thoughts on “THERE’S STILL HOPE: Darren Bailey optimistic normal people can still make a difference in this year’s elections… WE MUST VOTE to hold pols accountable!”
  1. I do vote. Every single election. Other than locally, my vote doesn’t mean shit, and I know it going in. My way of life is being destroyed by the Potato President, the Fat Governor and the battalion of shitheads appointed to fellate him, my two worthless Senators funded in equal measures by China and Chicago, right down to my state rep and senator who are nothing but photo op whores that pay lip service to anyone who contacts them, and do nothing. The only bright spot I have going for me is Mary Miller, and she is adrift in a sea of mediocrity and outright stupidity.

    We are far past the voting booth in this country, and in this state in particular. I still do it, but my vote truly means nothing as long as Chicago exists. To think otherwise is Pollyannaish at best.

    1. I have been voting since 1972, at 18, young and uninformed in politics, voted for Hubert Humphry in the primary, don’t remember down ticket offices, too long ago, wised up when I realized how much who was in office affected my life. As a motorcycle rider I voted motorcycle rights and in mid 1970s started realizing how important firearm rights depended on who was in political office. I try to stay as informed on all issues now, hope my knowledge rubs off on those around me but know everyone has their own reasons for their political persuasion. My parents were adamant about voting and it rubbed off on me.
      Pray for America and get out and vote for your choice even if you think it does not count, you never know it might influence others to vote.

  2. Saw an article earlier (can’t find it now) that said Fat Ass was taking a victory lap today because JCAR rubber stamped the bullshit PICA rules. Like his hand picked board would do anything but his bought and paid for bidding. Republicans got a successful objection on the books, which of course does nothing. If you’ll pay two IL Supremes a couple of million dollars for their votes, passing out a little chump change to some bureaucrats on JCAR is trivial. Like each donut Lard Lad shoves down his pie hole.

  3. Just as important as voting is serving on a jury when called upon, even though our judicial system is in near collapse with billionaire fat ass politicians buying off judges, we still have the jury box(you remember the four boxes). This is probably the main reason Darren Bailey hasn’t been arrested or will ever be arrested for flipping the mother of all middle fingers in fat ass’s face in regards to his flagrant display of civil disobedience. Pritzger could send his lap dog Kawame Raoul down to southern IL to prosecute the case, but the jury selection would still be the same. Given that over 90% of voters in that region of the state voted for Darren in the 2022 gubernatorial election it would be next to impossible to select a hostile jury if such a trial was to take place….Jury nullification is a powerful tool that jurors have in striking down unconstitutional laws and I imagine Pritzger and Kawame know this. Three counties in Illinois(Cook,Lake and Champaign) where you might have to worry about facing a hostile jury in regards to PICA…..stay away from those counties. I can understand folks not wanting to vote given most politicians(not all) are bought and paid for, but at least serve on a jury when called upon…..stay safe out there and keep your powder dry.

  4. “My vote doesn’t count” I disagree, I have voted for my representative in Congress in every election that my representative in Congress has run in. In the first election, we primaried a Squish RINO (so long sucker), and in the following elections, my representative in Congress won both. I have not only voted for my representative in Congress I have campaigned for them too. My representative in Congress is Mary Miller and if she runs again I promise to campaign for her and vote for her. Get off of your couch, do something besides bitch about it and go help someone that you support.

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