Radical Democrats in Springfield are pushing for “all vote by mail” elections in the Land of Lincoln.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) — Illinois could become the next state to adopt universal vote-by-mail. State lawmakers and advocates think this change could improve voting access and relieve stress for election officials.

A proposal in Springfield could allow the state to send vote-by-mail ballots to all eligible voters instead of having people apply to have their ballots sent in the mail. Rep. Carol Ammons (D-Urbana) said counties could save money by not having to send notifications and applications for vote-by-mail ballots to voters.

“You’ve already qualified these electorates, so the second step is not necessary when you are going to send them a ballot at any point and the person can still return the ballot,” Ammons said.

Do you need a good reason why “vote by mail” is a bad idea?  How about 4 million reasons?  Or about 38% of the voter registration database?  How about 27,000 more votes were counted in the 2022 election than were cast?  How about an apparent 590,000 violations when the permitted rate is 33, per the Help America Vote Act of 2002?

So, do you still think the woman investigated for boosting a purse from a charitable thrift shop is a paragon of virtue to talk about election integrity?

From The American Thinker:

Was Illinois’ 2022 general election valid?

Not by legal definitions.  But good luck enforcing that under the Biden Department of Justice and the Illinois Attorney General’s office.

Election integrity advocates have grown tired of the information war that declares our elections as the “safest and most secure in history.” No matter how many outrageous mistakes we uncover, officials defending our current political system as representative of the will of the American people always seem to find an excuse to dismiss our serious concerns. This has given rise to a new movement, United Sovereign Americans, a national volunteer organization of concerned Americans from both political parties that is measuring the legal validity of our elections, state by state.

Based on data provided by the Illinois State Board of Elections on January 25, 2023, there are serious causes for concern about election validity in the Land of Lincoln. Election validity is not about who won. It’s about accuracy and compliance under the law — otherwise it’s not valid, period. Which means the reported results are not valid, either.

In short, we have no way to determine for sure who won any election in Illinois in 2022.

Election fraud is defined by the Department of Justice as follows: “Election fraud usually involves corruption of one of three processes: the obtaining and marking of ballots, the counting and certification of election results, or the registration of voters.”

We have spent the last two years scouring the official Illinois data for answers to the following four questions:

1. Were the voter rolls accurate, as required by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993?

2. Were the votes counted from eligible voters, as required by the U.S. Constitution?

3. Was the number of votes counted equal to the number of voters who voted?

4. Was the maximum error rate allowed of 1 ballot in 125,000 adhered to, as required in the Help America Vote Act of 2002?

The answers we uncovered in the records provided by those responsible for maintaining the Illinois voter database, arguably one of the most important in the nation, may stun you.

  1. Were the voter rolls accurate, as required by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993? We found over 4 million potential errors, affecting 38% of the database.

  2. Were the votes counted from eligible voters, as required by the U.S. Constitution? We identified over 700,000 apparent violations affecting almost 590,000 unique votes:

  3.  Was the number of votes counted equal to the number of voters who voted? By comparing official records, we discovered more than 27,000 more votes counted than voters who voted

  4. Was the number of ballots in error valid, according to the Help America Vote Act of 2002? The permitted error rate is 33. The number of apparent violations is almost 590,000

How about a real-life example:

There’s more.  Click on through to read the rest.


10 thoughts on “4 million reasons to do away with ‘Vote by Mail’ in Illinois… The ‘Illinois Way’ means Dems will switch to an **all-mail** election instead”
  1. Legal voting needs to be as inconvenient (I mean thorough) as obtaining a legal firearm – in-person, fingerprints, background checks, waiting periods, a 5 year VOID card, a ten candidate vote limit and $$$. Not only will this stop “assault voting” or “vote violence”, we can eliminate the mysterious Buick, that always shows-up at 3:00 a.m., after voting day, with a trunk load of ballots all for one party. If we can save “just one country” or “just one state” it will be worth it! Ever get that feeling the libs are aiming for that 100% total ballot count, just like Sadaam Hussein?

    1. I know, I forgot. Election training, in groups of 3 or less, to prevent “domestic terrorist voting.” And red-flag suspension of voting rights, too. And no campaigning or electioneering so as not to trigger assault voters. Geeez.

  2. That will ensure one-party (Communist) rule in this state forever, and there is NOTHING to stop these bastards from implementing this. Time to put my house up for sale and get the hell out of Illinois. It is enemy-held territory now.

  3. If you read the actual bill from the link, it looks like one can opt out of it by sending them something in writing. I believe that’s the opposite of how it’s done now, where one has to opt into it.
    Not that it’s a good thing, but it’s something. Most people though, would probably go along with it, as the majority of people would be either ignorant or lazy.

  4. Having retired from the pseudo governmental agency that handles the mail. I can tell you first hand how bad an idea this is. During my last year. I saw literally hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots mailed. My wife and I received no less than two if not three ballots. Recipe for disaster? Absolutely effin for sure! As it is our elections have become little more than political theater. Controlled by our empirical overlords

    1. The miss-named “Vote by mail” is more gaslighting, as we have come to expect, should be named “mail out ballots” because the democRATS in charge want ballots mailed out to “all eligible” (possible?) voters, not just those who are registered to vote but ALL (citizens and non-citizens) aged 18 and above, although don’t they want to change vote eligible age to 16? That way, there will be so many ballots, and many will be blank, enabling those who are inclined to stuff ballot “drop boxes” plenty of ballots to fill in to sway elections as they will. Expect no less from “crime-inclined” democRATS.
      Pray for America, we need God’s help now more than ever, especially in ILL-Annoy!

  5. The DDs (that’s Damn Democrats to those of you that need help figuring things out) are not about to give up their stranglehold on Illinois. Once they get this bullshit implemented their next move will be to mark your ballot for you. Since they’re going to do that why bother with ballots or elections? I don’t blame anybody for moving out of this shithole.

  6. Unfortunate to be a State in this Union charters are not granted. The IL charter should have been revoked at least 100 years ago!

  7. Year 2005 – Jimmy Carter (D) and James Baker III (R) election evaluation report said voting by absentee ballots has the largest potential for voter fraud. (Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University)

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