JB Pritzker has more than a narcissistic ego problem, which might even trump his weight problem.  We’ve got it on good authority that he and his gun control buddies are downright upset by the paltry, humiliating gun registration numbers reported by Pritzker’s Illinois State Police.

He did say that thousands of people have registered, which is true.  We say that while thousands may have registered, MILLIONS have not.

I guess that Land of Lincoln gun owners aren’t “thinking big.”  Not like JB Pritzker.

Poor JB Pritzker.  I know he had visions of sugar plums and the Oval Office in his Christmas dreams but they didn’t quite pan out as Christmas came and went.  Joe Biden is still sucking oxygen, for now.

The $1.98 question is whether or not JB will step aside when Michelle Obama’s name comes up as the “preferred” nominee.

C’mon JB.  Think Big, buddy.


4 thoughts on “IRONY: Morbidly Obese JB Pritzker’s Presidential Campaign Slogan: THINK BIG, AMERICA.”
  1. Does that guy buy his shirts at Tent City?
    From his appearance, it looks like what he is doing with his billions is eating it.
    Good ole JaBba.

  2. Did his family build their new mega range, including select fire rifles for rent, in Wisconsin because a waiver could not be granted?

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