On Reddit, a guy in Georgia posted on the little present his great grandpa left him in the shed out back.  Specifically, a badly crystallizing cluster of four sticks of Dynamite stored in a mesh bag.  He made the discovery on Christmas eve, per the post.

Four sticks of Dynamite isn’t going to have the destructive capacity of a 100-pound bomb, but it would wreck your day.

Here’s what 50 pounds of the stuff looks like going boom thanks to ordnance disposal peeps.





2 thoughts on “Adding some excitement to one man’s Christmas: Finding old Dynamite in great grandpa’s shed”
  1. Somehow my aunt ended up with grandpa’s dynamite and the fuses. She figured the fire department would know what to do with it so she took it there. Great hilarity ensued when the chief found it. No one got hurt.

  2. One of our regulars at the Charleston location told me about finding several sticks in his Dad’s shed along with blasting caps. He called the local sheriff’s office. The sheriff told him to not touch it, keep the area clear. We will send the Decatur bomb squad. It turns out that the bomb squad was down near Marion, or so they told our member over the phone. Several hours later they made a rather uneventful pickup.

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