People continue to vote with their wallets when it comes to violent crime in their cities.  Most clear-thinking Americans recognize that firearms play a big role in personal defense.  After all, the only person that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good person with a gun.

Like many cities with Soros-funded prosecutors, Philly’s residents have seen the rise in violent crime.  A majority of those folks have been on the gun control plantation for a long time, but crime converts people to a more practical worldview on a regular basis.  It’s sort of like there are no athiests in foxholes during a war.

People are pulling out their wallets to protect their families the best, most tool out there: a gun.

And the mainstream media is reluctantly reporting it.

Philly Inquirer:

Janice Tosto never thought she would become a gun owner, especially now at age 58.

But over the last year, she began feeling a growing sense of lawlessness and danger in the city and particularly in her Germantown neighborhood. Now, she’s applying for a permit to carry a firearm.

“I’m not thrilled that I have to do this,” she said. “I’m kind of scared about doing this, but at the same time because of the way that things are going [with] all this lawlessness in the city, … as a Black woman, I just feel that it’s really important for me to have all the tools necessary to be able to defend myself.”

Tosto’s far from alone.

Since the pandemic began, gun sales and permit issuances have risen sharply in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, matching nationwide trends. In 2021, the city issued 52,230 new license-to-carry-permits, an increase of more than 600% from the year prior. In both 2020 and 2021, there were more than a million gun sales or transfers across Pennsylvania.

Ladies and gents:  You don’t have to live life as a defenseless victim.  Empower yourself.  Become a gun owner.  Get training and have confidence.

And remember, gun control disarms victims, not criminals.

3 thoughts on “‘I’M NOT THRILLED THAT I HAVE TO DO THIS’: New gun owners buying guns as hedge against violent criminals”
  1. The garbage we have pretending to be actual media and journalists keeps missing a great opportunity to report on how all the racist Dummycrats have turned most big cities into crime infested shit holes. Just having crumbling poverty stricken ghettos for black people ( that keep voting to live like rats in a cage ) isn’t enough for the racist hate filled liberals. The Marist filth knows how to ruin life for everyone…. Be soft on criminals and anti police. That way you get lots more violence and suffering popping up in more areas than just the shit holes. As crime goes up the calls for more “gun control” get louder and more gun control means bolder criminals, the garbage can of Shitcago is a great example. The leaders will be ok with their own mini police force to protect themselves. Next flood in the illegal aliens under the guise of helping “the dreamers / newcomers / undocumented “. They can be slave labor that works for pennies on the dollar for cash with no protections under the law. They’re the replacement for the black plantation residents that are waking up. The racist Dummycrats just have to give them voting rights. Living like pigs crammed into a small pen and working constantly for nothing is the liberal Dummycrat version of the American Dream. The wide open border brings more people nobody has room or a job for each day and that’s OK with the Marxists, so is the drugs and human trafficking. It’s just a small price to pay to get potential future voters. Everyone better get ready and start thinking of self protection because it’s getting worse.

  2. What the f*&k does the color of her skin or her gender have to do with buying a firearm to protect herself from the usual suspects?! I am so very tired of this identity f*&king bullshit. Buy your firearm and shut the f*&k up !!!!!!!!!

    1. Ease up a little, Jeff, not to say the “identity politics” doesn’t get trite, but to have a woman “of color” joining the crowd of the “woke” who have awakened to the reality of crime, criminals, and the growing necessity of personal self protection is a positive thing to maybe awaken more of her stripe to life in a Marxist-democRAT-infested State (of corruption). Let’s welcome all who join the ranks of firearm ownership for legal self defense. Just my humble opinion.

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