Illinois, once heralded for its commitment to public safety, now grapples with the repercussions of failed public policies and a lack of effective leadership within the Illinois State Police agency.

For example, a June 30, 2022 audit report exposed many unresolved issues, bringing doubt that the ISP can handle the logistics of a state wide gun registry due to insufficient monitoring, staffing shortages, and a failure to address critical matters under the governor’s watch.

One of the most glaring issues highlighted in the audit report dates back to 2002, revealing the persistent problem of insufficient monitoring over property and equipment. This longstanding problem reflects a failure in leadership to address fundamental issues within the state police. Without proper controls, the risk of lost or misappropriated equipment – including firearms – remains a serious concern, jeopardizing both officer and public safety.

Another example of a lack of transparency involves how the ISP fails to provide documentation demonstrating that FOID card application fees were deposited into the correct fund accounts.   During Fiscal Years 2021 and 2022, the Department reported collecting substantial fees totaling $5,205,150 for FOID application and $2,843,585 for renewal applications.  This lack of transparency erodes public confidence in the ISP’s financial management, raising concerns about potential for either misuse or misallocation of funds.

The 2022 report also indicated that 60% of concealed carry applications were not processed within the stipulated timeframe, with delays ranging from two to 453 days late. This delay not only infringes upon citizens’ rights but also puts their safety at risk. In a society where every moment counts, such delays could have devastating consequences.

Kelvin and his wife Adriena with Tom DeVore at the Illinois State Fair.

The report also shed light on the ISP’s non-compliance with the Firearms Dealer License Certification Act.  Shockingly, 58% of initial certificates of license were not issued within 30 days of receipt, with delays ranging from one to a staggering 876 days late – that’s over 29 months late!  Such egregious delays not only showcase administrative inefficiency but also raise serious questions about the ISP’s commitment and ability to handle the controversial gun registry program.

To restore motivation within the agency and rebuild public confidence, decisive action is imperative. The governor must prioritize the appointment of capable and competent leadership at the Illinois State Police.  Instead of appointing political hacks, the governor should appoint persons with the qualifications to competently manage day to day operations, and a strong commitment to uphold the US Constitution.  What’s more, the governor must hold these appointed leaders of ISP, as well as senior leadership, accountable for continued failures at that agency.

In conclusion, it is going to take more than sound bites and political appointees to repair the tattered reputation of the Illinois State Police agency as a whole.  It can be done, but will require experienced leaders with diverse skill sets to create a collaborative effort to realign our state with the principles of the constitution and repair the bridges of trust and understanding.  With better leadership that respects and defends the Constitution, ISP can protect and defend the interests of both law enforcement and the public they serve.



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    1. Lol John, I see you put you name on this article and the racist dumb asses on this thread thinks the black guy got appointed to the ISP instead of writing the article lol . Wow and these assholes have firearms ? Maybe solid background checks are not so bad

  1. The ISP is run by a Marxist Dummycrat owned political stooge, he’s not a leo in any way and he only serves because he’s a good boot licking ass kisser. JB Prikster considers the ISP his private Gestapo. Hopefully each ISP trooper remembers that JB doesn’t care about them or their safety or their reputation. The public support they do have will be gone depending on how they follow “orders”. On the other hand this is a great chance to honor their oaths. we’ll see how it goes after the new year.

    1. he’s not a leo in any way and he only serves because he’s a good boot licking ass kisser ?
      I read and presented the audit dude ? Reading is fundamental

  2. The governor is going to appoint “…capable and competent leadership…”. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah….

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  3. John , maybe you should take this article down, it may be too intellectual and its Triggering the Klan LOL.

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