Robert Bevis filed for an en banc review of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals decision affirming Judge Frank Easterbrook’s stay of the District Court Injunction blocking enforcement of the Illinois Gun & Magazine ban.  I just today learned that the application was denied the very next day.  UPDATE:  This was for injunctive relief.  My mistake!


Where do we go from here?

Our original complaint remains live, as does our amended complaint which effectively gives Judge McGlynn a second bite at the apple to potentially issue another injunction blocking the law.  The oral arguments on that one are set for December 12th.

There’s also the Thomas Maag case which has already heard oral arguments but the decision from Judge McGlynn has not been handed down yet.

5 thoughts on “ILLINOIS GUN BAN CASE UPDATE: En Banc injunctive relief DENIED (updated)”
  1. I had a small hope that the full 7th would hear the case and knock down the Asshole Easterbrook decision. By doing so they could have saved themselves from an embarrassing spanking from SCOTUS. Obviously the 7th is hoping to play games until the SCOTUS make up changes. Anything McGlynn gives us will be promptly blocked by Asshole Easterbrook. Until SCOTUS gets tired of being laughed at and “over ruled ” by lower courts we’ll continue to lose.

  2. this is NOT an en banc denial, this is a denial of a motion to stay the PICA statute pending en banc review.
    This is what Justice Barrett now has in front of her.

  3. In a way the more quickly the lower courts thumb their noses at Bruen the better. Faster track to the Supremes. No guarantees, but still a quicker time line.

  4. Thank you for your constant updates.

    We know how much work it takes to stay on top of these things. And we certainly can’t do it ourselves.

    please keep up the good work

  5. Correct Benbow! I know these judicial procedure matters can become confusing. However, it is our DUTY as U.S. Citizens to know how are system works otherwise it is easier for these communists to pull the wool over our eyes. Get educated !!!!!!!
    Not so much regarding inferior courts (Article III) disregarding USSC precedent. It is about procedure. The sooner 7th Appeals denies EN BANC review the SOONER the case can get to the USSC for certiorari.

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