Robert Bevis, the owner of Law Weapons in Naperville, came up with an interesting idea that he thought might exempt rifles from gun registration in Illinois.  At first blush, we thought it was a great idea.  However, at GSL, we get readers from all corners of the firearm world.  At least one subject matter expert talked with me Monday evening, explaining that the Law Bolt-15 would leave owners with the very real potential of getting hit with a felony charge.  Why?  Because it does nothing to convert the form and function of the lower receiver – which the ATF considers “the firearm” when it comes to ARs.  In other words, that lower receiver was “born” as a semi-automatic rifle (or possibly a handgun) and physically nothing has changed in the lower receiver to turn it into a non-semi-auto receiver.  As such it (and the rest of the gun it’s attached to) would still be a PICA-restricted gun under the new law.

We were wrong in posting that piece from Monday morning, even if it was done with the belief that it was true and correct information.  At this point, we’re pretty sure it was not (and we’ll explain why) and for sharing bad information, we apologize.

In our guy’s research and opinion, that LAW-BOLT wouldn’t fly with the BATF and by extension it’s not going to fly with the Illinois State Police reference this new law.  (Yes, we’re leaving out the Constitutionality issues.)

What’s more, while I won’t identify the individual I talked with, he’s immersed in this and has been for years.  Part of his work involved researching this extensively for a new product line.

Need something more substantive that a manufacturer who worked for years to develop a product that complies with legal intricacies?

How about this example of a “workaround” very similar to Mr. Bevis’, the “Tier 5 Modified Bolt Catch” that would supposedly turn your semi-auto AR-15 into a manually cycled firearm – akin to what Mr. Bevis claims his device will do for users (at $119.95 a pop).  Well, great idea, except New York State cops offered an “interpretation” that the device did not change the mechanical operation of the firearm, and as such did not make it a compliant modification under NY’s “SAFE” Act.

From the Long Island Firearms forum.

Subject: Notice – NYS Police Interpretation & Opinion of Tier5 MBC

As we have continually stated firearm laws are subject to change and interpretation. In contradiction to BATF’s definition of a semiautomatic firearm, it has recently come to our attention that New York State Police has taken the position that the use of the Tier5TM MBCTM does not change the mechanical operation of the firearm, therefore it is NOT considered a compliant modification under the NY SAFE Act. We have not received anything official from New York State Police regarding their determination nor do we expect to receive anything in writing stating their position. The courts will have to make the official ruling. We are also seeking an official ruling from the BATF specific to the Tier5TM MBCTM. In abundance of caution, we are notifying our New York State customers that at this time firearms fitted with the Tier5TM MBCTM are still considered a semiautomatic firearm by New York State Police.

Something similar was also tried in California to bypass that state’s scary gun ban.  California looked over the product idea, snickered a little and issued an opinion that it did not change the type of firearm upon which it was attached.  Instead, it merely made it a “broken” semi-auto rifle.  (Credit to “Quiet” at CalGuns.)

So despite the opinion of the attorney Mr. Bevis consulted with (who may regret writing that letter attesting to this as a legal workaround), until and unless the Illinois State Police approve this as a legitimate way to turn your AR- into a “bolt action” rifle, is it worth risking a felony for not making any modifications that would cause the law enforcement agencies / courts / juries to think that your AR-15 isn’t still an AR-15 because it effectively malfunctions with every shot?

Put yourself in the jury box.  You’re maybe agnostic at best on guns.  You don’t understand the internals.  You have an individual who was arrested with this rifle.

And the defendant’s attorney is trying to claim that because the defendant changed out this little part inside:

That somehow that minor modification made the gun above into something besides an AR-15…

Yeah, that’s not gonna fly.

With the experiences of past workarounds as a template for how this one is likely to work out, our opinion is that installing the Law Bolt 15 (or simply removing the gas tube or otherwise blocking the gas port) doesn’t make an AR-15 into a bolt action rifle, or a bacon cheeseburger.  It merely makes it a malfunctioning AR-15.

Your mileage may vary, but if you disagree with us, buy and install this product and get busted by ISP, then you’re looking at the potential for a felony charge.


10 thoughts on “OUR OPINION: Law Weapons’ ‘Law Bolt 15’ doesn’t change an AR-15 into anything but a ‘malfunctioning’ AR-15”
  1. This is problematic on several levels. Many if not most AR-15 owners bought bare lowers and the 4473 does not say semi-auto rifle. It will either say rifle or pistol. Well, unless your FFL went word crazy and you let him.

    So lets say that flies legally on AR’s built from bare lowers. You’d still have to register your mags, pistol grips, collapsable stocks, etc.. sure, they don’t have serials but you’re still on the radar.
    Our only hope is a court injunction next month and if that doesn’t happen, the conscience of our local LEO’s..

  2. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

    Too called about buying one of these yesterday. Nobody answered for me either. My wallet is now grateful. Thank you Mr. Boch for putting up an update on this ASAP.

  3. The PICA garbage was written on purpose to be quite vague on purpose. So as to allow Illinois to interpret it to mean whatever they want. Such is the police state we live in.

    1. You are correct. Yet we still have people in the 2A world including people on this website apologizing for the ISP. Is it Stockholm Syndrome or Battered Wife Syndrome? Either way this back the blue bullshit is getting in the way of our rights. New Mexico eliminated police qualified immunity a couple years ago and it was the reason why police there did not want to enforce their governor’s gun ban executive order. It wasn’t because the police were nice or gave a rats about your rights. It was because they were worried about getting personally sued. Mrgunsngear mentioned it once and NO ONE else in the 2A world with a platform wants to talk about it because it would call into question political alliances and expose the fact that one particular political party has grifted gun owners all along. Cognitive dissonance. The “back the blue” crowd worships cops however that flawed love only goes in one direction. Cops consider you a subject and will arrest your and charge you with made up felonies for what? THEIR paycheck!
      Back the blue until it’s you!

  4. What alchemy is this?! Keep your mouth shut and doors closed until this statute is declared unconstitutional. It will be sure as the sun rises in the east. Save the $120 plus shipping and handling.

  5. So let me get this straight,NYS doesn’t offer an “official opinion”. CA. also doesn’t offer an official opinion as well but this is your basis for saying this won’t work? And CA. does allow the Kali Key. Which essentially does the same thing.
    This is the best you can do? Shame on you!

  6. By this logic, every Glock without a Switch is a broken Machine Gun. Or adding an Autoseer to an AR doesn’t make it a MG because ATF says it’s a semi.

  7. This is EXACTLY what I’ve been saying. Not only does it not solve the issue. It could also potentially damage a persons rifle.

  8. John are you sure? I found this on ISPs FAQ page. Question 12 iirc
    Pursuant to 720 ILCS 5/24-1.9, assault weapon does not include a firearm that is manually operated by bolt, pump, lever, or slide action, unless the firearm is a shotgun with a revolving cylinder. This is true even if, as manufactured, the bolt, pump, lever, or slide action firearm has features that if removed would constitute assault weapon attachments.

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