Everytown for Gun Violence, or for Gun Control, or whatever spends Michael Bloomberg’s money to promote your disarmament.  Because disarmed people make better victims not only for criminals but also for those who think government is the answer to everything.

This came across my virtual desk the other day.

Over at Everytown, they want to “break the cycle of violence.”  Only they want to do so by disarming you, the prospective victim, not the criminals.

I’m all for breaking the cycle of violence, but some people won’t listen.  It doesn’t matter if they’re in a brain state that precludes reasoned thought or civilized actions, or if they are simply psychotic predators.  The only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun.

Tool on over to the “Police Activity” page on YouTube for real-life instances of just this.

So sometimes the best way to break the cycle of violence is to justifiably use force to stop their attack.

Not to worry about the well-being of social misfits who have no compunction about killing others to get what they want in the moment.

5 thoughts on “ONE WAY OF LOOKIN’ AT IT: Everytown says ‘Break the cycle’ of violence”
  1. If they want to stop the violence they need to start with the adolescence and pre-teens and teach them respect, respect, and respect. Respect for adults, respect for laws, and respect for everyone’s civil and Constitutional Rights.

  2. Breaking the “cycle of gun violence” is very easy if you learn to press the trigger, not move the gun, and place at least three in high center mass. Between the top of the chest and base of the neck is preferable. The head can fake one out in movement, the chest can not do so; high center of mass will break the cycle.

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