Another day, another slew of armed robberies in Chicago.  This one caught on camera from last weekend.



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5 thoughts on “WELCOME TO CHICAGO: Another day, another slew of armed robberies [VIDEO]”
  1. Okay, quick quiz for you concealed carriers: do you get involved or do you not?

    Did you see a deadly force used? Are you entitled to or authorized to use deadly force yourself? do you have a spare fifty thousand dollars to hire a defense lawyer for the inevitable prosecution?

    I used to get involved… I don’t anymore. To expensive with liberal prosecutors in office.

    1. Go hide under your bed, then kenny-boy, you can “get involved” by being aware of license plate numbers, what thug is wearing, where thug went, which direction; no one thinks you should shoot up the bad guys, you mental midget moron. Better yet, go hide under a rock, like the reptilian you are. To expensive or too expensive? go back to grammar school, dim bulb.

    2. Gsl1589, I’m curious why you keep making these personal attacks against me. Personally, and why John Boch doesn’t personally use his banhammer on you. You’ve been getting pretty personal! I have deliberately been not responding to your personal attacks so as to avoid getting into a name calling contest with you but I would appreciate it if you would leave me out of your insane rantings. Or if John Boch won’t use his banhammer, then I’ll let you have it like the… well. ..I’ll leave that to the imagination of the readership!

      I asked a series of very pertinent questions for the readership of this site to consider and we don’t need your snotty, snide attitude here.

    3. I have “personally” asked you to “GO AWAY” and “personally” I wish you would, I answered your drivel with the fact that “getting involved” does not mean you have to have all your guns “blazing” attacking the feral thugs, “getting involved” can be as simple as remembering descriptions, license plate numbers, car make/color, etc., etc., etc. to report to (or is that “too”) authorities, but, as you hate law enforcement, you would never do something as simple as that, after all “that is their job” to follow up. With citizens like you, everyone is better off without (you), maybe you would think you would be arrested for “getting involved” when it is “nunna- yer bidness”!
      What kind of “law-suit lottery” did you get for your “false arrest” for being stupid and disrespectful? Just GO AWAY kenny-boy, please. Go hide under yer bed.

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