Bad news for the astroturf org known as “Moms Demand Action.”  For the first time, over very near it, a majority of Americans actually admit that someone in their household owns a gun.  Why is that significant?  Because not all people will admit to such a thing to a stranger.

But the hits also keep coming in that 6 in 10 believe that gun ownership is a “necessary part” of self-protection.

From ZeroHedge:

There are new polls out of Harvard and NBC that show surprising results on gun ownership and rights.

According to NBC, a majority (52%) now say that they or someone in their household owns a gun. Most notably, the Harvard poll shows that six in ten voters believe owning a gun is a necessary part of protecting themselves from criminals.

Despite the strong anti-gun rights message from the White House and the media, the public seems to be moving significantly in the opposite direction.

It’s not like Joe Biden’s been right about a lot of things in his time.

Some 55% of voters now believe that “Woke politicians are to blame for rising crime.” With gun control one of the top issues for Democrats going into this election, the polls show a growing gap with a majority of voters on the issue, particularly as crime continues to rise among the top issues for 2024.

The NBC polling shows a record number of Americans are now gun owners. The current level is up six percent from 2019 when 46% of Americans said that they or someone in their household owned a gun.  It is now up 10 points in the last ten years.

Notably, that includes 41% of Democrats.  If this trend continues, half of the Democratic voters will soon be living in households with gun owners. Some 45% of independents confirm ownership as do 66% of Republicans.

The Harvard poll is likely to be more chilling for the Democratic Party. Not only do citizens overwhelmingly blame woke policies on the left for rising crime, but 42% believe that crime and safety is getting worse in their community. Only 21% believe that it has gotten better.

Harvard then asked “Do you think you need to have a gun today in case you are attacked by criminals, or do you think owning a gun is unnecessary?”

A majority of voters in all three categories (Democrat, Republican, or independent) said that a gun is necessary. That includes 54% of Democrats. (Some 77% of Republicans and 56% of independents agreed).

Consider that for a second.  Almost half of Democrats are gun owners and over half believe gun ownership is necessary. It is one of the greatest disconnects of either party with their membership. While Democrats have found a winning issue on abortion in recent elections, it represents a growing separation on one of the other key issues in this election. President Biden has pursued some of the most aggressively anti-gun policies of any president.

Legally, the polling shows that the public seems to be moving toward the view of the Supreme Court despite unrelenting attacks in the media. 

That’s brutal for those who advocate for stripping you of your right to defend yourself.

5 thoughts on “MOMS DEMAND ACTION ASTROTURF HARDEST HIT: Most Americans see the proven benefits to firearm ownership”
  1. Crime is up because democRATS want/need crime to help push their anti-firearms agenda, but, like most democRAT policies, it is backfiring because citizens can protect themselves and their families thanks to the Second Amendment.
    NO politician who supports “gun control” should have armed protection paid for by citizens are trying to disarm, aka: taxpayers.

  2. It’s been said, there appears to be coalescing afoot, but it just might not be the coalescing the libs were hoping for. GSL 1589 I concur, politicians that oppose/obstruct OUR 2A security should be required to fund their security details out-of-pocket – no tax-payer funds, no campaign funds – and required itemization on any/all tax declarations.

  3. One thing I know about Democrats here in my part of Illinois. Most of them own firearms of different pedigrees double and single barrel, pump guns and semiautos, pistolas of all kinds, 10-22s, ARs, military surplus, and shoulder bruisers. When confronted with an obvious truth such as “the Democrats will take your firearms from you” there response is mostly, “that’s a lie that Republicans tell every election season”. I’m willing to bet that the majority of them are unaware of Pritzker’s gun grab because they watch the Main Stream Media offerings. It will take getting caught flat-footed in order to change their minds and by then it will be too late.

    1. WOW, all that has been brought up about PICA and democRAT “voters?” are unaware of “their politicians” actions/legislation? and are “firearm owners”? Truly, the deaf, dumb, and blind democRAT “mainstream voters” need a serious wake-up call.

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