What happens when police won’t even chase down and apprehend criminals?  Well, a lot of people get victimized.  Bad guys get more brazen.  And the cycle continues.

Take this instance of a young woman getting robbed by at least a quartet of young thugs who had no concern that police might catch them.

Imagine if that was your wife or daughter.

CWB Chicago has what’s just another day in Robbery City USA:

CHICAGO — It’s 4:25 a.m. as the woman rolls her luggage through one of the busiest intersections in Chicago, the heart of Wicker Park. She’s probably heading to the nearby Damen Blue Line station, possibly heading to O’Hare. She won’t make it.

Unbeknownst to her, a silver car pulls into the left turn lane behind her as she begins to cross North Avenue. It’s loaded with an armed robbery crew, including at least one armed with a rifle. They’re in the middle of a crime spree, and they’ve already decided to introduce themselves.

She crosses the street as the silver car moves toward her. It’s still moving when a rifleman in the back seat opens his door, preparing to cut her off. He jumps out, pointing the business end of the weapon at her head, as his accomplices pour from the car to shake her down.

The gunman turns his attention to the six-way intersection, looking out for witnesses and cops as his buddies take everything of interest from the woman. When an SUV pulls to a stop for the red light on North Avenue, the rifleman directs his gun toward its driver and waves them through the intersection. Wisely, the motorist complies.

A city surveillance camera recorded the whole thing as it happened on September 23. Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications refused to hand over the footage when we asked for it a few hours later via a Freedom of Information Act request.

Of course.  The video makes Chicago look like a dystopian shithole.  Which it is.

After driving away, the crew stopped again about a block down. They clocked that victim in the head with the butt of a rifle.

CPD surveillance officers who reviewed the video you just watched radioed descriptions of the men and their car to patrol units. The car’s left headlight was out, cops were told. The back right window was broken, probably because the car was stolen and the thieves had to break the glass to get inside.

A few minutes later, the holdup crew displayed at least one rifle to rob another woman in the 900 block of West Randolph in the West Loop. The robbers hit her in the face. They rolled up on another woman around the same time, near Lake and Elizabeth streets.

A Chicago police sergeant spotted the robbers’ getaway car as they drove through the West Loop. He mentioned it on the radio but did not pursue it.

Across Chicago, robbery reports are up 24% from last year and 38% from 2019.

The increase is primarily due to incessant armed robbery sprees like the one that popped up on September 23: Small groups of young men, usually traveling in stolen cars, sometimes committing more than a dozen robberies at a time.

But the Chicago Police Department has become so risk-averse that its supervisors almost always order patrol officers to terminate pursuits of violent offenders, even if the cops see an armed robbery committed firsthand.

The story goes on for longer, but you get the idea.

8 thoughts on “BRAZEN: Armed robbers strike downtown Chicago… police don’t even chase them”
  1. I got arrested in Chicago once by a pair of the city’s finest for passing them. They pulled out of a side street right in front of me and then drove real slow with their search light scanning the sidewalk.
    I very slowly and carefully put my turn signal on pulled out and around them. Put my turn signal on again and pulled back in front of them. They pulled me over and arrested me. For a suspended license they said. I actually had to go to trial and won.
    When they arrested me, they took me to the 23rd and stuffed me in a holding cell. And every one of the cops there was smoking the week after they had implemented the non-smoking policy in the City of Chicago in any public building. Like the wise a** that I am, I complained to the desk sergeant and asked him to arrest all of them..
    They had the time, the inclination, the manpower and resources to falsely arrest me for 2 non-crimes and then prosecute me
    But they don’t have the wherewithal or manpower or interest to chase these violent joggers!
    And they make the laws for the rest of us in illinois!

    1. poor, pour, pitiful ken, gets no respect because he gives no respect. IF ken’s blather is true (anyone can post anything from behind an anonymous keyboard), too bad, sooo sad, kenny-boy. go cry to yer mamma. What kind of “law-suit lottery” settlement did you get? SURELY you sued for false arrest!

  2. No respect for laws, law enforcement (I don’t blame them), ordinary citizens just trying to peacefully live their lives; these feral scum thugs deserve no respect and need to be shot down like the feral bass-turds they are with no warning, where are the “Charles Bronson” vigilante type avengers? My guess is they will soon come out from behind obscure places and surprise the feral scum as/when needed.

  3. I’m sure that if someone took out these scum, Chitcago’s finest would have no problem chasing them down.

    1. I am sure you are correct, G G, but if a vigilante were dressed and acted as a thug, “under-cover”, came out from unlikely places dressed as a homeless bum, surprise, surprise, surprise, dead thugs, shooter “disappears” into obscurity, a-la “happy movie ending”. Why can’t CPD detectives think like that? Because they promote the democRAT-i-KKK agenda to allow crime to flourish in order to gaslight the public the “need” to enable more and stricter firearm legislation! Follow the undercurrent and the democRAT agenda/talking points!

  4. Wait—are these the vernim that help give Chicago the name Iraq–and to which one Sports Talk Radio Producer, Shane Riordan from The SCOre, 670AM, said to those that say that to “Keep Chicago out your mouth”…then went after Conservative Talk Show host, Dan Proft with a “Ill bone your mother” threat? all because Shane was trying to prove how Safe Chicago was and its not Iraq. He even posted photos of himself sitting on his porch in Chicgao, cooking and watching sports with his feet up—safe and sound said he. Go look at Shanes most recent Twitter postings (Thanksgiving) he’s warning fellow residents of at least 4 armed robberies right on the street, blocks from his house, all within an hour of each other–i.e., Shane, Chicago is NOT safe. Another lefty liberal who will get the innocent hurt trying to once again prove its White Conservative People you have watch out for. btw—Dan confronted Shane to give him his address to settle the bone your mother comment–Shane wont do it…and when Dan ran into Shanes sidekick from the SCORE, Matt Spiegel, at a Country Club where Matts band was performing, Dan confronted Matt, challenging him to go outside and settel things–Matt and Danny Parkins also went after Dans partner, Amy Jacobson. Coward Matt, blamed Shane and refused to go outside…Cowards at the SCORE. Big mouths, out there defending crime until hit hits close to hom.

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