It’s our fault.  Just ask Justice Kagan: ‘It’s so obvious that people who have guns pose a great danger to others’

It’s not the people behind the guns, of course.  Just like it wasn’t the terrorists who flew those planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11.  Or the drunk drivers who drive their Fords and Chevy products into innocent families, killing other motorists.

It’s white males who are responsible along with toxic masculinity.  Or white, suburban women if you’re David Hogg.

Nah, it couldn’t be modern “black culture” – otherwise known as “Hip Hop Culture” or “hood culture” – that drives gang violence in American cities.

Sadly, news of the crimes these low-life degenerates commit make everyone think all blacks are like that when they aren’t.  Just like most whites aren’t “Florida man.”


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The “Hip Hop Culture” has brought more misery to black families in America than anything the Klan could ever dream of doing.

5 thoughts on “CHARLIE KIRK: ‘A degenerate culture of glorifying crime and violence’ is to blame for ‘problems’ in ‘the hood’”
  1. My white guilt now has another mountain to climb. I’m going to go grab a ham sandwich and a bottle of beer and try to figure out how to assuage that guilt Bad news I have to go get some more beer before I do any assuaging. I wish I could fugure out where all of that beer goes.

  2. That’s some fine parenting right there! While I know (thanks to GSL) that you can order some very real-looking money from Amazon, I’d just about bet those are real Glocks. Given how they act, that’s probably what they see their “fathers” do on those rare occasions dear old dads are around. Gross.

  3. That’s insane. What sort of parent would let their kid do this? What parent would be okay with recording this? And gun owner are supposed to be the knuckle-dragging neanderthals?

  4. Wow, it appears that the “adults” in the video are “old enough” that if they had ever had a firearm safety course, they should have knowledge enough to not let infants “play” with firearms, therefore, I surmise they are extremely stupid, or are instilling into a younger generation irresponsibility in relation to firearms. This is the “gun culture” that leads to criminal violence with guns, in my humble opinion. Would this be considered “chile endangerment”? Or more likely “contributing to the delinquency” of minors? Everybody looked like they are having a good time, though.

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