Our state has the very best leadership, both in Springfield in state government and at the local level.  As a testament to that leadership, crime in Chicago is well on its way to becoming double what it was in 2019.  Nice job Governor Pritzker, the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus and Mayors Lightfoot and Johnson.

Chicago crime has spiked 60% over 2019’s numbers.


Image via Wirepoints.org

WirePoints had the dirty details:

There’s not enough data yet to make any claims about the impact of Illinois’ elimination of cash bail, part of the SAFE-T Act implemented just two months ago. But we do know two facts that spell trouble for the city in 2024:

  1. Total 2023 major crimes in Chicago will end up about 60% over 2019, a post-covid record, and;
  2. Cook County’s jail population is at its lowest level in more than 40 years.

Despite that, where Chicago crime heads next year is still tough to guess. Has Chicago’s “crime wave” hit a peak and begun to flatten or trend down, as murders appear to be doing? Or will Chicago’s decarcerationist trend – supported by the end of cash bail and Mayor Johnson’s soft-on-crime policies – embolden criminals to do more?

Crime is up 60% and the jail population is at its lowest level in 40 years.  Gee, could their be a connection there?  Hmmm.

1. Chicagoans will be victims of nearly 80,000 major crimes in 2023.

Spoiler alert:  About 60% of violent crimes go unreported.  Even more than that when it comes to property crimes.

2. Robberies, car thefts are driving 2023’s record crimes.

You don’t say?  But when you charge carjackers and car thieves with misdemeanor “Criminal Trespass To Motor Vehicle,” you’re gonna get more carjackings and car thefts.

5. Chicago’s homicides are down in 2023, but they are down in other big cities, too.

Spoiler alert #2:  Chicago STILL EASILY retains the crown as Murder City USA.

6. Cook County’s jail population has been cut in half over the last decade.

It saves Chicago something like $107 (and those are ten year old numbers) per inmate per day.  They emptied the jail to save a metric ton of cash to spend on their pet projects by releasing thousands of inmates on “no cash bail” or on electronic home monitoring.

Quick numbers:  releasing 5,000 inmates saves Cook County very close to $200 million a year.  That’s real money, even in Illinois.


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  1. JB “sack o shit” Pritzker can use this for his presidential campaign. He can show what happens when you get enough brain dead zombies to vote Marxist Dummycrat, to vote for lots more crime and taxes and much less freedom. Maybe Johnson and Lightfoot could get cabinet positions.

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