Justice Elena Kagan, appointed by Barack Obama, doesn’t think very highly of gun owners in America.  In fact, at the Rahimi oral arguments, she commented that “it’s so obvious that people who have guns pose a great danger to others.”  What is it about these gun-hating liberals?  Do they see themselves as ready to fly off the handle when they have a bad day and murder people?  Do they then extrapolate that to everyone else around them in a classic case of psychological projection?  Possession of a tool does not make a person evil.  An evil heart makes a bad person, not a gun on the hip.

Just like possession of a penis doesn’t make a rapist.  And possession of a vagina doesn’t make a prostitute.

From page 89 of the transcript:

JUSTICE KAGAN: I’ll tell you the honest truth, Mr. Wright. I feel like you’re running away from your argument, you know, because the implications of your argument are just so untenable that you have to say no, that’s not really my argument.

I mean, it just seems to me that your argument applies to a wide variety of disarming actions, bans, what have you, that — that we take for granted now because it’s — it’s so obvious that people who have guns pose a great danger to others and you don’t give guns to people who have the kind of history of domestic violence that your client has or to the mentally ill or what have you.

Here’s the recording of the orals in the Rahimi case from Four Boxes Diner.


12 thoughts on “LET YOUR FREAK FLY: Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan says ‘It’s so obvious that people who have guns pose a great danger to others’”
  1. Bigot.

    Does she think all black men are criminals? Does she think all gay men or child sex abusers too?

  2. The “wise hispanic female” is just as Marxist in her ideals as the rest of the Biden criminal administration, the democRATS, and “legacy” media; her thoughts are biased against the US Constitution and American citizen’s Rights. Isn’t she the Oblama appointee that has no knowledge of law, NOT a judge when appointed? Scum-bitch-TURD!

    1. Amazingly, Kagan is actually a bigger dimwit than the Wide Latina. That is an awfully low bar to limbo under, but she clears it with room to spare.

      We are in deep trouble if Biden gets another pick on the court. He will put another soul-sucking dipshit there to the left of that moron he already placed. With Roberts already a flip-flopper (not as bad as Kennedy was, but still pretty unreliable), we are one vote from the court flipping over. I am not really sure you can count on this court reliably to uphold Bruen faithfully at this point, though we will see.

      Rahimi is a dirtbag, and a lousy test case for Bruen in the public domain. The principle remains however – depriving a person of their 2A rights without due process is wrong. 14A clearly spells this out, and Bruen reinforces it. If the guy was violent, breaks the OOP, etc. then removing his guns is fair game. Removing his 2A rights on the theory of what he ‘might’ do in the future is nothing but Minority Report. USC does not allow it. Whether SCOTUS will render the correct ruling, or cave to public pressure, remains to be seen. Under Bruen, there is no public safety test allowed, period. We will see if they will defend their own words soon enough.

    2. OOps, the “wise latina” is Soto-my-watahore, or something like that, but their ideals are all left of Carl Marx, they studied Marx then took a hard left.

  3. Hussein Odumbo was even worse at picking judges than the mush brain puppet we have plopped in the White House now. Kagan is and always will be a national disgrace. Even worse than stupid ass Brown Jackson who can’t define woman.

  4. She reflects the views of all progressives. They fear people who can refuse their orders of behavior. Progressives see themselves as so superior in intellect to the common people that they know what is good for us and we don’t. There are probably more than 500 million guns in the USA, and yet only about 11,000 people are murdered each year. And in most of the country the odds of being murdered by a gun are even less. I have lived here for 33 years and I can count the number of actual murders on one hand.

    Note that PICA is squarely aimed at law abiding down state gun owners. It has nothing to do with crime. Ir makes criminals out of every Illinois gun owner. On the other hand, the SAF-T Act gives real criminals a literal Get out of Jail Free Card.

    1. PICA has the same intent as all other gun control – it is designed to deprive law abiding citizens of their rights to self-defense against an oppressive government. PICA goes further than most by collecting lists of guns and owners to be rounded up at a later date, when the next outrage is committed by a Mental Mary who bugs up and shoots up a school or parade.

      Public safety is the whipping pig used to push control of the masses, but public safety is never the goal. Government tightening their grip around our throats is ALWAYS the end game.

  5. it’s obvious that fat, stupid twats posing as judges/justices are the biggest threat to American freedom & safety

    1. it’s so obvious that fat, stupid, ugly, carpet-muncher twats posing as judges/justices are the biggest threat to American freedom & safety

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