Instead of going to school and getting an education and then working a career to become productive members of society, two bad people with evil in their hearts exploited Illinois’ soft-on-crime criminal justice system.  They chose to rob decent people instead of working.   Or maybe their “work” was robbing people.  Either way, at a Chase Bank ATM in the Chicago “suburb” of Worth, they shot and killed 32-year-old Jonnie Klein, a mom of two that was also taking care of her own mother.

This is what you get when you don’t hold career criminals accountable and take them out of circulation.

It’s also why prudent people pay particularly close attention to their surroundings when at high risk locations like parking lots, gas stations, and that last 50 feet to their front door.  Oh yes, and ATMs.  Definitely ATMs.

If you see a Jason Johnson approaching as you’re starting your transaction, cancel the transaction and hit the ATM with your fist.  Then swear at your spouse for “taking all the damn money” as you take your card and leave.

Or you can find some cover, access your gun and engage in a gun battle.

Seems like pretending your spouse spent all of the money is a lot easier.

From WGN9:

WORTH, Ill. — Charges have been filed against two people accused of killing a woman during an attempted robbery in the south suburbs over the weekend.

According to Worth police, 22-year-old Tamara Jailynn Johnson and 23-year-old Jason Jerry Joseph Johnson have both been charged with first-degree murder for their alleged role in the shooting death of Jonnie Angel Klein, a 32-year-old mother of two.

Police say the deadly shooting happened around 3 p.m. in the 6800 block of West 111th Street on Saturday afternoon while the victim was attempting to withdraw money from a bank in the area.

11 thoughts on “BUT WERE THEY RELEASED WITHOUT BAIL? Two thugs caught in daytime armed robbery turned murder in Worth, IL”
    1. Love your reference to these two as “din-dos” (as in din-do nuffin), it fits the description of the mentally wasted criminals that roam America making victims of every-day people just trying to get through to the next paycheck.

  1. Not exactly positive racial ambassadors, are they? I don’t want a victim blame here but I have to wonder if she was paying attention to her surroundings when these people walked up. I see a lot of people oblivious to their surroundings in their daily lives. I suppose they make better victims than me and my family.

  2. Are the readers aware of the geography of Worth, IL ? It is SURROUNDED and now has resident usual suspects. In effect no different than living in the city limits. Did these two usual suspects use a PICA banned firearm? See Kaegan is right, people with guns are a danger to the rest of us. These two should be skinned alive and hung by their feet in front of the Worth Village Hall as an example to their fellows. Kaegan should be removed from the USSC as she is an ignorant ass clown.

    1. I didn’t have a clue as to where Worth is but the shitbirds who killed offered a clue. You don’t see much of that evil in small towns. She is even smirking ,like she thinks it is a joke. The guy hates society .

  3. The USA has the 3rd highest murder rate in the world.
    If you remove the following cities from the count;
    1- Chicago
    2- Detroit
    3-Washington DC
    4- St Louis
    5- Philadelphia
    The USA is then 189th out of 193 countries in the world; thus making the USA one of the safest Countries in the world; if the 5 Democrat run cities with some of the strictest gun control in the country were not counted.
    We do not have a Gun problem we have a Democrat problem

    1. You need to also remove Baltimore, New York City, LA, Minneapolis, Portland OR and Seattle to get to that 189 number…..just sayin’

  4. The brain dead zombie voters keep electing Dummycrat scum politicians that focus on abusing gun owners while coddling criminals and you get shit like this. Now 2 kids lose their mother because mentally ill liberals want to coddle criminals. If there was justice these 2 would be burned at the stake in public. BTW, if the races were reversed BLM, Antifa, the fake “Reverends” and the other Marxist terror groups would be screaming racism.

    1. The “hip-hop” culture will never go “extinct”, or even decline because of shootings/murders/killings in de hood, they breed like feral rats/cats/vermin with the “baby-mammas/baby-daddys” getting younger every year and the very reason they have no morals or respect for society’s norms.
      The female, Tamera Jailynn Johnson was tagged with a middle name that prophesied her future, Jail-ynn, perhaps her mammy was in jail when she was born? And she does have an expression in her booking photo that suggests an experience she has had and expects to repeat, also looks to be young, a waste of oxygen, too bad her mammy didn’t have an abortion.

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