If “Never Trumper” Rick Wilson didn’t present himself as the consummate douchebag on a consistent basis, one might feel sorry for him given his fall from influence and power.  Because there’s nothing worse for a self-aggrandizing “influencer” than to lose his or her influence.  That’s Rick Wilson.

He’s like a fish out of water gasping for the oxygen of publicity.

He found his oxygen in the last couple of days, calling for someone to put a bullet in Donald Trump.

Perhaps the Secret Service needs to pay Rick a visit and make sure he doesn’t have any child pron on his phone.

7 thoughts on “LOWLIFE LOSER RICK WILSON: ‘Someone’s gonna have to put a bullet in Donald Trump.’”
  1. Rick’s hoping so he can grift some more lower information conservatives out of their money

    1. No that would be Trump who’s convinced his low information toothless rube base that he’s fighting for them which includes you if you think he’s pro2A Nikki Haley 2024

  2. Trump is the exact kind of tyrant the second amendment was created to protect against. Hey GSL stop shilling for a disgraced twice impeached four times indicted soon to be convicted felon insurrectionist. You look like another pro-Trump grift page rather than an honest second amendment group.

    1. Kevin, Nice try but as usual it’s a big fail. Sorry you’re a frustrated and bitter little man but thats on you to change. Once again a friendly reminder…. You’re making a fool of yourself. Let the adults talk and you go watch Sponge Bob.

  3. Thank you Bill. I am sick of the bickering in comments. I like discussion but when it drops to such a low level it is no longer discourse but simply name calling. I suppose I could just read the articles and form my own opinions and skip the comments.

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