Happy Halloween everyone!  Dress warmly.  It’s going to be cold outside.

That aside, did you know there have been at least a dozen mass public shootings since Lewiston, Maine last Wednesday?  This includes not one, but TWO in Chicago – aka Murder City USA.

You didn’t see news of all of these incidents on the CBS Evening News or on CNN or MSNBC, did you?

Well, they happened but you didn’t see them because they didn’t fit the anti-gun narrative.

From PJ Media:

Most news articles about the animal in Lewiston, Maine, who shot 31 people, killing 18, focus specifically on the shooter’s skin color and “AR-15 style” rifle. The media seem to have missed the ten mass shootings that have taken place in the three and a half days since the Maine massacre.

Lewiston stands out because of the unusually high body count. Also, the shooter escaped and was at large for a while before police found his body. Every news source from Maine to New York kept readers glued to their sites with stories of “the shooter MAY come here next” fear porn.

Legendary jackpudding Joy Behar from “The View” doesn’t know the difference between an AR-15 and a bazooka. She is paid millions of dollars a year to lie to wine-box mommies who believe her codswallop.

Left-leaning, gun-grabbing racists cheered when the Lewiston shooter was identified as a white male . The Lewiston victims were still cooling in the local morgue as commie pundits dutifully went to work decrying the two things they hate the most: peckerwoods and AR-15s. It was a convenient distraction from the weekend “festival of lead” we saw in all the familiar places.

Halloween Fright Night

Since the Lewiston shooting of October 25, our nation has been home to ten more mass shootings, most of which didn’t warrant a blip on the news radar.

The ten shootings left 14 dead and 65 wounded. Two took place in Chicago and left 19 people ventilated — 15 in just one shooting involving a handgun. Astonishingly, no one gave up the ghost.

Indianapolis was home to a shooting that left one dead and eight injured at a Halloween bash in a building the police somehow can’t identify — which to me sounds like a “pop-up party.” The victims’ ages ranged from 16-22.

Hallelujah, Its Raining Lead

The bloodiest shooting since Lewiston erupted when two “groups” of maniacs decided to shoot it out during Halloween festivities outdoors in a Tampa-area bar district. Videos show two men with handguns. No AR-15s or MAGA hats were found at the scene.

Go read the rest of the details at PJ Media.

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  1. She’s hot in a weird sort of way. I’m not sure anyone cares about black on black crime and violence. Dems obviously don’t. Republicans? I think they’ve by and large given up on blacks before Trump came along. Hell, sometimes I don’t even think blacks care about bangers whacking each other.

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