The Illinois State Police have published data from the first four weeks of the gun registration scheme in the state.  Under law, all existing owners of banned firearms must register them with the state prior to January 1, 2024.  In the first four weeks of the registration program, exactly .1006% of gun owners have registered.  What’s more, both the rate of participation and the number of participants in the gun registry continues to fall.

What’s this mean in plain English:  It means 99.9% of Illinois gun owners have a clear and concise message for Governor JB Pritzker and his merry band of gun control jihadists.  Unfortunately, as a family-friendly website, we can’t publish it.  We can give you the sanitized version:  F*** OFF.

Or perhaps “Go Pound Sand” for more tender ears.

Unsure what “go pound sand” really means?

Go pound sand tells someone they don’t have enough sense to do anything worthwhile. Pounding sand is pointless, menial work. The phrase implies that they’re better off doing something stupid than bothering you. It expresses an additional level of disdain and contempt than by just saying, “go away!”

From our point of view, we’re not sure “go pound sand” quite describes the animus that many of us have for Pritzker and crew and their crown jewel of gun control.

We’ll see if Washington Gun Law does another video on the continued non-compliance with our state’s gun control push.



That tweet did not age well.

4 thoughts on “THE STATE THAT WOULD NOT COMPLY: Four weeks into Illinois ‘Gun Registration’ scheme and the state (finally) surpasses a milestone… .1% compliance(!)”
  1. It’s a good thing fat ass was born with a billion dollars otherwise he’d be flat ass broke. Pretty Clueless

  2. Surely. Does not change anything. The same morons will vote for this ass clown again. MORE importantly the same morons will vote for the same State Senators and Representatives again.

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