Illinois continues to be the state that gun owners simply put their foot down and didn’t comply with the state’s onerous gun registration law.  Even with criminal penalties including serious felony charges for two or more of the recently banned guns popular for self-defense, literally 99.91% of Land of Lincoln gun owners are saying, “no” to registering their self-defense tools.

Yes, the numbers from the Illinois State Police show that the Week 3 total numbers are 2046 FOID holders registering 6,064 firearms.

On Week 1, ISP reported 1050 FOID holders registering guns.  Week 2 featured an additional 578 FOID holders registered guns.  And now on Week 3, 418 gun owners registered guns.

At this rate, Governor Pritzker’s dreams of 78% compliance with his vaunted gun ban are about as likely as him assuming a healthy weight.

By the way, Guns Save Life continues to recommend that gun owners DO NOT REGISTER their banned gunsWe’ve got a whole post on this.

Meanwhile, while Governor Pritzker and his merry gun control jihadists in state government come after law-abiding gun owners with the full force of government, the gang bangers in Chicago still illegally possess and carry their banned guns, shooting at one another along with other innocents.  They do so without a care in the world as they know the chances of getting caught, arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned are between slim and none.  And Slim left town.

One thought on “THE STATE THAT WOULD NOT COMPLY: ISP releases Week 3 Registration Compliance numbers… now at .0847% compliance… compliance is actually SLOWING!”
  1. If the gangbangers won’t comply with the firearm registration, why should law abiding free-born citizens comply with an unconstitutional farce of a regulation that has yet to get to the Supreme Court of the US? Bite me, Jelly-Belly the Prikster!

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