Unfortunately for the mainstream media, there’s video everywhere now.  There were all sorts of news stories about someone shooting at “mostly peaceful” “pro-Palestinian” protesters Sunday evening in Skokie, IL.  As if he just couldn’t contain his hatred for Muslims in general and Palestinians in particular.  Of course, now that the video is released, it shows the violent mob swarming the man and beating the hell out of him before he pulled his gun and fired a warning shot instead of shooting one of the thugs beating him with sticks.

You want to know what else is remarkable?  How the Skokie cops didn’t converge on the attack until after the shot was fired.  Were they told to stay “hands off” even with the pro-Palestinian “protesters” attacking people and beating them severely?  Seconds after the shot was fired, the Skokie officers were right there taking the man into custody.

What else is troublesome?  I guarantee you those “mostly peaceful” protesters are busy trying to find out the man’s identity and will undoubtedly vandalize his residence, share plenty of death threats and try to get this guy fired from his job and similarly harass his family.

Here’s a snippet from the Chicago Sun-Times.  I’ve left out all of the paragraph after paragraph of the Palestinians casting themselves as the victims when they were the bullies and instigators of violence, NOT the guy defending himself in a not-so-friendly to self-defense Cook County.

Charges will not be filed against a man who fired a gun near pro-Palestinian protesters in the north suburbs Sunday night, according to the Cook County state’s attorney’s office.

The 39-year-old man, who prosecutors declined to name, was released from police custody. In a statement issued Monday, prosecutors said the man, a Firearm Owner Identification Card and Concealed Carry License holder, had “no criminal history.”

“After reviewing the evidence, which includes surveillance video and witness statements, we have determined the individual … acted in self-defense upon being surrounded by a crowd and attacked by some of those individuals,” according to the statement.

Yep.  Here’s the video.

People scream and the crowd scatters, and the man can be seen holding the gun as someone screams, “Get him! Get him!”

Yes, even after he fired his gun, the crowd was still going to get him.  If the cops hadn’t arrived when they did, he probably would have shot a few of his attackers before being overtaken and likely beaten to death.


5 thoughts on “SELF-DEFENSE: No charges in man who drew and fired gun after ‘Pro-Palestinian’ protesters swarmed and beat him in Skokie”
  1. The shooting Civil War is on the horizon. These pro-marxist/communist foreigners must be expelled from our nation. We have enough problems with our fellow Americans.

  2. It’s hard to tell in that video conclusively. But it looks like the police were in no hurry to save him from a fatal beating, but boy they were Johnny on the Spot after the guy pulled his gun in self-defense. What’s up Skokie PD? I know you have good men there. Did your chief/mayor say “hands off” at these anarchist rallies?

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