Headlines from Bishop On Air:  State moves to dismiss the lawsuit challenging the “Firearms Industry” law that Pritzker signed which allows nuisance lawsuits against the gun industry.

For what it’s worth, we as GSL Defense Training actually cancelled our “Intermediate Personal Protection” course because we didn’t want to open the window for Kwame Raoul to sue us for providing firearm training for “militants” or “people who might use their guns illegally” which are a couple of the provisions of the law.  And we aren’t the only firearm trainers pulling back from offering more advanced training beyond the CCW training the state requires.

One thing Greg misses is that California’s equivalent law was struck down in the last week or so.

And then there’s crime in Chicago and locals unhappy about all the freebies the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois are giving to these illegal aliens.

And here’s the video they talked about of the raucous protest holding a Chicago alderwoman’s feet to the fire over her welcoming a tent city for illegals in her ward.

Ramirez, the Alderwoman, paints the protesters as angry MAGA-hat wearing right wing extremists.  Watch the video…  Those are her constituents and they are not hard-core, far-right “extremists.”