MovieGuide describes Police State like this and even offers a little bit of a review:

POLICE STATE is a political documentary co-created by conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza. The movie shows how Democrat Party leaders, working with top bureaucrats in the FBI, CIA and Department of Justice, use these federal police functions to censor and even jail their political opponents. As narrator, D’Souza interviews political experts, investigative reporters, whistleblowers in the FBI, a Congressman, a United States senator, and several average citizens caught up in the FBI’s unjust targeting of Republicans and conservatives. President Trump and his family are not the only ones the Democrats and the FBI are targeting.

POLICE STATE seems to run about 10 minutes too long, and the ending seems to drag a little. However, the movie makes a powerful case that Democrat Party leaders and self-serving federal bureaucrats are trying to create a one-party police state. The movie includes dramatic re-enactments of FBI raids, led by a menacing FBI agent played by actor Nick Searcy. Also, political author and radio show host Dan Bongino, a former police officer and Secret Service agent, discusses the issue with D’Sousa in POLICE STATE.

It’s showing in select theaters across Illinois at 7pm Wednesday, or you can catch it this Friday in a $20 pay per view.

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