The African Serval wildcat is still running loose in Decatur.  The animal, probably not a threat to adults, but very much a potential threat to small children and pets, was a private “pet” owned by, well, this guy in Decatur.

Yeah.  That guy.

Here’s the story from WCIA:

DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — A Decatur man is asking for the public’s attention and patience while his wild animal is on the loose.

Christopher Solomon bought the big cat in September and two weeks later it got out. He said after a week or so of it missing, he thought it was dead, but hearing about his pet’s sightings throughout Decatur reignited his hope and concern.

This, ahem, “individual” didn’t notify the authorities for a week?  If so he’s a damn menace to society.

And just hours later he was gone. Solomon said when his African serval went missing, it was as if his dreams were crushed.

What an idiot.

“It hurts a lot. I mean, I’ve probably cried five to six times every time I go out here,” said Solomon.

Back off the soy milk, dude.

He said he saved for three months to buy the wild animal and he even prepared his apartment to house it, but he was only able to keep it for a fraction of that time.

Did your landlord know you were going to keep a predatory African cat in your apartment?

“My front door was completely wide open. It was icy-cold in my apartment, and I heard some weird scuffling noises going from the bathroom,” said Solomon.

5 thoughts on “STILL LOOSE, STILL DANGEROUS: African Serval still running loose near DECATUR, danger to small kids and pets”
  1. What a white trash piece of crap. Surprised he’s not living in a very run down camper trailer somewhere (apologies to people who live in camper trailers voluntarily). WIth this exotic cat? And how much did he pay? Saved three months? So, that added up to what, $50 because he cut back on his Bud Light. Cried multiple times a day over a “pet” he had not even two weeks? Jesus, it’s not even cute and friendly like a goddamn puppy! It’s a dangerous cat with a surly personality. Maybe he thought he was gonna get some pussy from the pussy.
    Shoot, shovel and shut up.

  2. Actually this is the second time this sort of thing has happened. In 1995 someone had a jungle cat in Downers Grove. After the third attack. It was euthanized.

  3. That’s the weirdest looking cat I’ve ever seen. Looks almost like someone photo-shopped the picture. The hind legs look like they’re from an animal that walks upright. The front legs look like misshapen arms and what’s with the hump on the shoulders. The head looks way to small for the body.
    Regardless of all that this guy needs to be held financially responsible to pay for any damage to other people’s pets and costs to track and capture it, and if anyone is hurt he needs to go to jail for awhile.
    If you want an exotic pet get busy and earn your veterinarians license and treat animals. Learn the proper way to care for them and only then get that exotic pet. My favorite exotic pet is a piranha. They die if they escape.

  4. Small time Joe Exotic want to be, a quick internet search that “serval” roughly translates to “pussy that could eat you” Just Kidding.

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