Good news breaking out all over.  Alec Baldwin gets to sweat a felony in New Mexico.  Purchasing some ammo today didn’t result in an ammo background check at a notable retailer.  And I’m saving the best for last:  The Illinois State Police have taken down the ammunition caliber tracking function from their ammo background check page!

Yes, it’s true.

It’s gone, as you can see in the screen capture above taken moments ago.

As you might remember from a couple of weeks ago, it was a very different place.

What cased this about-face by ISP?  Well, some on Reddit credit State Rep. Amy Elik for the change.

She contacted the Illinois State Po-po and asked “by what authority are you collecting ammunition caliber on your ammo purchase background check page.”  That’s not a direct quote, but you get the idea.

They didn’t have a good answer, but they did the right thing and pulled it off.

Kudos for ISP doing the right thing.  Obviously they did it before Gov. Pritzker’s people intervened and told them to “leave it up and let them sue us to make us take it down.”


4 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS: Illinois State Police took down their Ammo Tracking on ammo background check page…”
  1. And to think we still have Brownshirt sympathizers in the IL General Assembly. Where oh where is Senator Plummer? Isn’t he supposed to feel sympathy for the ISP? I would just hate to see them get their feelings hurt. But to this article, yes, on what authority did the state police have to collect ammo purchase info? Anyone supporting this anti-2A ACTIVIST agency in the General Assembly is a turncoat gun control enabler and not a real pro-2A person. Don’t let them speak out of both sides of their mouths. If they are pro-2A then by default they would vote to abolish the ISP. To say NOTHING about giving them further funding. There are no two ways about it.

    1. I hate to say it Mark, but I’d rather have the ISP patrolling our highways than a bunch of local agencies some of which are corrupt themselves or exist solely to issue citations for the smallest Petty offenses.

  2. I wonder how many retailers are actually running background checks on ammo purchases. I bought from two different retailers in the last few days and neither one got on the computer after looking at my foid card

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