The Secretary for the Ingham County Democratic Party, Ted Lawson, was shot dead after a 15-year-old stuck a gun in his face and demanded money.  It’s interesting to see how the mainstream media wrote about it.  “Oh, a 15-year-old asked him for money.”  Yeah.  “Asked him.”

Here’s some photos from Ted Lawson’s Facebook page.

And here’s his killer:


(CBS DETROIT) – It was on Lansing’s north side where Ted Lawson, a canvasser and the secretary for the Ingham County Democratic Party, was shot and killed over the weekend.

The 63-year-old was passionate about advancing his party, and those who knew him personally tell CBS News Detroit his absence is a significant loss to his community.

“He was very close to his house, and then it’s my understanding is that a 15-year-old asked him for money and then shot him,” said Brian Jackson, chair of the Ingham County Democratic Party.


6 thoughts on “DEAD: Dem Party canvasser shot dead by 15-year-old armed robber”
  1. Another useful idiot murdered by the usual suspect for whom he cared. When will these morons learn ? Apparently a moment before the bullet enters the cranium. Too little, too late.

  2. “Asked” him for money my ass. Why do these kids think stealing is okay? This wasn’t a problem in black culture a hundred years ago! Let me see, what has changed? Oh yeah… The Great Society.

  3. The kid looks like he might be stoned on some kind of drugs, kinda young to be having a pistola, isn’t he? The proper ebonix phrase would be he “axed” Jackson fo muny. Get the vernacular correct, but that’s “raaasisss”.

  4. Gee, who could have seen that coming just by that shitbag’s social media post pointing a gun at the camera? Convict the punk and hang him or put him in front of a firing squad. Some people are beyond salvage or rehabilitation. How many more did he rob before the guy he killed? How many more people has he shot?

    1. In Ill-Annoy he would probably be eligible for “no-bail” release and “first time” (being caught) leniency at “sentencing”, ya think? Free rein on young democRATS killing democRATS, is that “election interference”?

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