With all of the terrible news from Israel, there are some bright spots as ordinary people did extraordinary acts to thwart the murderous barbarians who poured into that nation in a surprise attack last weekend.

Admittedly, this may be embellished a little.  At the same time, sometimes heroes do such extraordinary things that people don’t believe them.  Read on for a video on the Eager Beavers and their B-17 “Old 666” from World War II that falls into that category.

First, let’s meet Captain Yuval:

This is Captain Yuval, an infantry commander in the Nahal Brigade.

On Saturday morning, as soon as she heard about the horrors taking place, she ran out of her home with her gun in her pajamas.

She reports there were dead bodies all over the road, and that at some point, a group of terrorists on motorcycles drive towards her, and she empties a whole magazine on them killing two.

She’s calling her boss Colonel Steinberg, but he’s been killed. Same with other commanders she tries reaching – all gone.

She located Captain Ron, and together they understand that only they are left to conduct this battle.

They find a friend’s house nearby, open up a war room, and begin directing the forces on the ground.

Before most of us even woke up and understood what is happening, these two young captains were directing commandos and fighter pilots, and eliminated 22 terrorists, preventing them from taking control of two outposts. In their pajamas.

They are still out there fighting. We are in good hands!

And then there’s Inbal.


And now for the story of the the Eager Beavers and Old 666.

The Fat Electrician does history like nobody I’ve ever seen.  Watch some of his videos and you’ll see what I mean.  One in particular detailed what Ronald Reagan did after the Iranians did something stupid way back when.  “Yes, the time the US Navy got upset and destroyed HALF if Iran’s entire naval fleet in a single 8-hour workday.”


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