These people.

And these people…

Or maybe this family?

Or maybe these peeps?

9 thoughts on “BIDEN: ‘Who needs a weapon with a hundred rounds in the chamber?’ ANSWER: These people…”
  1. I wish I could attach the pictures we took in Chicago today. Scores of trucks and vans driving at full speed with huge Palestinian flags.

  2. We’ll see if this horrific surprise attack changes the gun control schemes foisted upon the Israeli people by the liberals there. A whole lot of people, including that last couple who “advocated for Palestinian rights” no doubt probably eschewed gun ownership even if they could get them. At least they died in their beds instead of getting anally raped by a dozen savages before someone slit their throats. Then again, maybe they did get raped before death. Try that shit in my neck of the woods, Hamas.

  3. True, true indeed. I bet even those who hate guns would love to have one if it could save their life. Or keep them from getting sodomized and then killed. Then again, some – especially the, ahem, tranny brigade, might actually like that.

  4. By U.S. Citizens I do not mean the imported foreigners of ANY nation who come here and are purported to be citizens. You are NOT Italian, German, Polish etc…
    If one loves ‘the nation of palestine’, which does not exist, go f’ng back to your ‘nation’. Same goes for the mexicans. Strange I rarely see any other nationalities driving around with their flags in this country.

  5. It is too bad the “big guy” aka: Joe “Biteme” Biden doesn’t have at least 100 active brain cells “chambered” inside his massively empty cranium. This treasonous scum should be tried, convicted, and face a firing squad of 100 rifles with bullets chambered ready to fire.

  6. Let’s go Brandon. I didn’t realize that video of him was from Friday or Saturday.
    He really is effing clueless.

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