Meet 97Percent, the latest and greatest astroturf anti-gun group that claims it’s not anti-gun.  It’s headed up by a woman Olivia Troye (pictured above) who once was an advisor to Michael Pence (not exactly a resume enhancer in the minds of many, including myself).

A woman that the hags on “The View” invited onto their (crap)show.

From their website’s “about us” page…  No, I’m not giving them a link:

We are bringing gun owners directly into the conversation about gun safety — creating spaces where both gun owners and non-gun owners can have an honest, civil discussion about ways to reduce gun-related violence, while respecting the 2nd Amendment.

So, they want civil discussions?  Do they discuss the role of firearms protecting families?  Conversations about guns defending people in public?  About how armed gays don’t get bashed and armed blacks don’t get oppressed?


Do they want a national concealed carry license?  No, they want violent misdemeanors added to the multitude of prohibited persons who lose their fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

Do they want to legalize short-barreled rifles and shotguns, and move full-auto guns out of the National Firearms Act?  LOL.  No, they want red flag laws across the nation to disarm gun owners without a lick of due process.

Do they advocate ending waiting periods for those who pass background checks?  Bzzt!  They want a nation of FOID cards in every state.

So if you see someone promoting this new astroturf org, just know it’s just another gun control org in sheep’s clothing.

If their cause was righteous and noble, why would they need to mislead people as to their mission?

4 thoughts on “The latest anti-gun astroturf group that claims it’s not really anti-gun: 97Percent”
  1. Sex sells. Bet she doesn’t look 1/3rd that good right out of the shower without a half-pound of makeup and a fancy hairjob.

  2. Bi-partisan ? F you mind your own business and I will mind mine. Keep your virtue signaling off my rights.

  3. If this skank really wanted to end “gun violence” she and her group would go into the ghetto parts of Dummycrat run utopias and walk up to groups of young black males and talk to them about handing over the guns and not killing each other. That won’t happen because it’s all about fleecing donations out of liberal sheep voters while pretending to care. Maybe she can become more of a fraud than the “moms”.

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