You have to love “build back better.”  Creepy Joe Biden is helping arm Israeli citizens with AR-15s.  Meanwhile, his regime works tirelessly to ban the little people from owning those same rifles in America.

4 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s arming Israeli citizens while trying to disarm American citizens back home”
  1. The Biden criminal enterprise “administration” wants to disarm American citizens because he/they want to (try) to control the citizenry with the massive executive orders, regulation, and restrictions imposed upon freedom of commerce, freedom to purchase vehicles and appliances of their own choosing at reasonable competitive prices.
    With the “open borders” policy, criminals and other criminal enterprises are allowed free access to America’s businesses and consumers to help the Biden criminal enterprises destroy America’s values and institutions at will.
    Pray for America and the destruction of America’s enemies, both foreign and especially those domestic enemies trying to destroy America from within our own government.

  2. Pedo Joe (love that, by the way) is flying illegals into America for free, yet a couple of stories on the internet suggest people in Israel will have to pay if the US government rescues them from Israel. Let’s go Brandon!

  3. IF ONLY THE JEWS had had these arms BEFORE last Saturday…………

    Imagine you’ve taken your wife and two infant children into your “safe” room. But you have NOTHING to use to defend yourself, and hamass is breaking down the door.

    Now imagine you’ve done the same thing but both you and your wife have the latest AR15 or even select-fire/full-auto models with THOUSANDS OF ROUNDS of ammunition.

    Yeah, last Saturday could have solved the one-state problem PERMANENTLY.

    The question is: In a nation that is at threat of EXISTENTIAL DESTRUCTION every single day, why, oh, why would the “leaders” have the people disarmed? And why, oh, why, did EVERY SINGLE HIGH TECH defense mechanism they had FAIL on Saturday? EVERYTHING, including HUMINT, failed. It’s almost as if it were planned………..

    And BUILDING 7 was taken down by aeroplanes! And Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself in a jail cell. And gislaine Maxwell has NO little black book with every important democrat and techie’s names in it. And the check’s in the mail and I won’t *** in your mouth.

    WE DO live in a matrix, and the programmer wants us dead.

    Please continue to fight EVERYWHERE, and at every turn, in any way and every way possible, for our gun rights. DO NOT compromise with them, because they want us in safe rooms with no firearms as that 44MILLION strong army of invaded (I say INVADED instead of INVADING because they’re already here) illegal aliens is ACTIVATED. THEY have guns. Will we? The Jews didn’t. And now on to WORLD WAR III, so the rich get richer and we get deader.


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