We love the Second City Cop Blog.  They’re the top blog to read about what’s going on among rank-and-file cops in Chicago.  They returned this summer after a two-year hiatus caused by credible threats to out them.  Last night, at their regular midnight post, they covered the Illinois State Police’s new Ammo Purchase Registry they’ve created on their ammo background check page that dealers are supposed to use when selling ammo.

We initially reported on all this last Friday into the weekend on the ammo registry (and a few days before that on Pritzker’s plans to appeal to peer pressure to coax registration) and Greg Bishop picked it up and ran with it on his morning radio show in Springfield that’s heard by a who’s who in state government.

And Second City offered their thoughts on Pritzker’s efforts to gaslight gun owners into registering their guns.

Tracking Ammo Purchases

Interesting video about some new feature that retailers at gun shops have to input types and amounts of ammo you buy, along with accessories. They scan your FOID card – purportedly to make sure it’s valid (no expiration dates any more) but more likely to track calibers bought against semi-autos you have (or haven’t) registered.

(If the embedded video doesn’t play, here’s the link):

Police are exempt at the moment, but once in the system, well….let’s just say government never destroys data collected.

At some point, ISP might be ringing doorbells asking why you bought a thousand rounds of .223 when you don’t own a AR pattern rifle….according to their database.

We’re especially amused at the rumor in the video that Fatass will claim 70-to-80% compliance when in reality, it’ll be around 10% or so based on other states that have tried this. It’s a poor psy-op to convince you that you’re the only lawbreaker around.

We’re not sorry that we shredded the governor’s plans to gaslight gun owners.

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  1. Damn shame more people are learning about this crap with the ISP. How many people have no idea they must register their “forbidden” guns?

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