William Kirk over at Washington Gun Law on YouTube released a new video on the near total non-compliance with the Land of Lincoln’s new gun registration scheme.  Kirk, who is a Guns Save Life member by the way, mocked Governor Pritzker while lauding our state’s non-compliance with a patently unconstitutional edict.  After all, there were no “register your guns or go to prison” laws back in 1791.

And hopefully in the coming days we’ll get a ruling out of Judge McGlynn striking down the law under vagueness claims thanks to the suit filed by our friend, attorney Thomas Maag.

Kirk’s Washington Gun Law should be on your “subscribe” list on YouTube as he offers very insightful five- to ten-minute videos every couple of days on a host of issues offering analysis and explanation that’s spot on, time and time again.

One other YouTube channel well-worth following for legal breakdowns and deep-dive analysis is Mark Smith at Four Boxes Diner.  He’s also a lawyer and he’ll give you law-school course in court procedures and legal precedents.  His videos are not nearly as pithy as William Kirk’s, but he goes a lot deeper into background and principles.

As an example, Smith had a great video yesterday on a potential epic blunder by Merrick Garland.

For Illinois-centric content, Todd Vandermyde’s Freedom’s Steel is also very good, but he’s not done much content of late.

4 thoughts on “Washington Gun Law covers Illinois Gun Owners near-zero compliance with gun registration”
  1. Yep, William Kirk, Mark Smith at Four Boxes Diner, GSL, Todd V at Freedom Steel, Greg Bishop at WMAY are the ultimate news, info sources, and advocates for 2A rights in Illinois and Nation wide. I’m sad to see Greg Bishop of Bishop on Air is no longer going to be on air after today. I still find and enjoy his stuff in the future. I loved hearing Mr Boch and Todd V on the radio.

  2. The state that won’t comply! My fellow gun owners give me great pride and hope that they will stand strong against Pritzker.

    1. The Illinois State Police is behind this gun ban now. After the governor signs a bill into law an agency takes over the issue. THEY are to blame. THEY, the rank and file who JBoch apologizes for are the ones with the handcuffs. Learn the process.

      Republican with Stockholm Syndrome who values belonging to the partisan club over his own interests back the blue talking point:

      “It’s Pritzker’s fault, it’s the Dems fault, it’s Chicago’s fault. It’s Rep Morgan’s fault, it’s Obama’s fault, it’s that rep’s fault, it’s that other rep’s fault, it’s someone else’s fault.”

      Meanwhile completely unwilling to place the blame in the hands of the ISP troopers on the streets who will carry out this mission to ruin your life and invent a felon out of you. WHY? Because doing so is like an Anthony Fauci worshiper who wore a mask alone in the car all of this time finally admitting they were DUPED and taken advantage of and now their pathetic political beliefs are coming home to roost and you’re in total denial so you point the finger at anyone else to avoid the shame and embarrassment of being fooled for so long just so you could conform to the political group you wanted to like you at the expense of your own dignity and rights.


  3. Thank you. I’ve seen some of these legal videos on YT and half of them seem more like an ad or self-promotion. Why they take 20 minutes to describe something that could be condensed into a paragraph or two of reading seems wasteful of my time so I haven’t been back. I’ll check these though. I enjoyed both of these videos as I was driving a little while ago. (No, I didn’t watch them. Just listened.)

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