The FBI says there’s no credible threat of Islamic terror in America.  No, to hear the FBI say it, the far-right MAGA extremists are to blame.

HINT FOR THE FBI:  Extremism in pursuit of liberty is no vice.  Neither is putting America first.

Meanwhile at the US Capitol:

When the FBI says there’s no credible threat, you had better watch out.

6 thoughts on “FBI: ‘No credible threat’ but special fencing installed around US Capitol building”
  1. The FBI is an embarrassment. J Edgar Hoover would kick ass take names and seriously gut the current leadership sending a whole bunch of people to prison for the stuff they’ve been doing

  2. Guess Hamas in America were too busy enjoying American life to take time out for the great Jihad yesterday, huh?

  3. J Edgar Hoover was no different from Merrick Garland. HE should have gone to prison for his actions. What are you talking about?

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