So the leader and founding member of Hamas Khalid Mashal took to YouTube on Tuesday.  He urged not only anger from Muslims around the world, but also funding.  One key aspect of his speech that most  in American mainstream media ignored was the more to the point.  He finished his statement by saying, “funds are important, but today we are asking for your blood and for your souls.

Well now.

From Newsbreak:

In a video message posted to his YouTube channel Tuesday, Hamas leader and founding member Khalid Mashal called for anger from Muslim people around the world, calling specifically for a “Friday of Al-Aqsa flood” that will send a message to the world, and specifically to the West.

Mashal’s video amassed several million views before it was made private on Wednesday.

The video, which was posted in Arabic, was summarized for English speakers on X by Brother Rachid. He stated that the Hamas leader, in addition to the call for global anger, also requested financial help from fellow Muslims, which he called “financial jihad”.

Mashal’s core plea was for Muslims, especially those living in lands near to Israel, to “fight for Al-Aqsa”. Al-Aqsa is a reference to the mosque that is located in Jerusalem, and is considered one of the holiest sites in Islam.

Mashal concluded his call for jihad with an ominous statement: “funds are important, but today we are asking for your blood and for your souls.”

There’s no doubt there are Muslim terrorists that have come across America’s southern border in recent years.

It’s doubtful that Muslim terrorists sleeper cells will activate this Friday, but you might want to make sure you have your heater with you.  And that your loved ones have the means with which to defend themselves as well.  Maintain your situational awareness and shoot back if any terrorists decide they want to launch their own impromptu jihad against folks in your immediate area.

Meanwhile Mashal is living the high life in Qatar after forced out of Syria a couple of years ago.

We’ll just leave it at that.

4 thoughts on “Hamas leader calls for ‘global anger’ Friday: ‘we are asking for your blood and for your souls’”
    1. Bill, a bigger threat is/are the “81 million” (my a$$) brain-dead, mentally deficient morons that “elected” the brain dead muppet/puppet now occupying the People’s White house and the corrupt-ologists pulling the “strings” of the Biden crime family’s “big guy”.
      Pray for America’s salvation from the corrupt-o-cRATS.

  1. Those inclined to kill the infidels are not so brave when their intended victims shoot back. Yep, savages will gang rape little girls and boys. Try that shit in a small town in America… they’ll be dead pretty quickly. Remember those two in Texas who were gonna shoot up an event? They barely made it out of their ride before a lone cop shot them both very dead. And at the Pulse nightclub, where there were no cops or armed good guys, they shot up a whole bunch of defenseless sheep. Moral of story: nothing stops a jihadist like incoming fire.

  2. I couldn’t be so lucky as to cross paths with one of those Muslim tangos. Two would feel like I won the lottery!

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