Who are you going to believe?  Do you believe your own lying eyes or do you believe today’s FBI?  The same agency who can’t discern an Islamic terror link when witnesses report terrorists screaming Allahu Ackbar as they slaughter innocents?  The same agency who now says MAGA extremists are the greatest threat to America’s national security?

Yeah, I know who I’m going to trust and it’s not today’s uber-woke FBI.

I’m going to echo what Sundance wrote at The Conservative Treehouse:  “I’m sorry, but when the FBI says there’s no cause for concern, there’s usually cause for concern.”

And I remind folks how the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) isn’t even tracking Muslim terrorists now in favor of investigating those evil Americans who want to put America first.  Middle Eastern Extremism isn’t their focus any longer at JTTF.  It’s people like Guns Save Life who advocate for our God-given rights including the right to self-defense and the right to keep and bear arms along with the rest of the Constitution.

From the Conservative Treehouse:

NBC frames the FBI downplaying statement to suggest that MAGA extremists are stoking fears of militant Islamic attacks [SEE HERE].  Meanwhile the New York Police Dept and various other city law enforcement agencies around the country have been put on alert.   In summary, this is the political state of our FBI.

The FBI says there’s no reason to believe a threat exists; meanwhile regional police prepare in case a threat is triggered.   Which approach would you prefer?

IGNORE THE THREAT – (NBC) –  The FBI said this week it had no information indicating a credible terrorist threat against the United States, but social media pundits who have been raising the alarm for days aren’t backing down. 

Conservative social media influencers have been filling platforms such as X and Truth Social with speculation not backed by any evidence that attacks on civilians in Israel would soon be followed by similar attacks in major U.S. cities and that people should begin preparing — including by avoiding cities and purchasing firearms. (read more)

PREPARE FOR THE THREAT – (NY Post) – The NYPD will be out in full force Friday in anticipation of possible mayhem stemming from the global “day of Jihad” called for by Hamas’ ex-chief — which has left religious centers on edge and some Jewish parents scared to bring their kids to school.

During a meeting with Jewish community leaders Thursday, Deputy Commissioner of the NYPD Intelligence and Counterterrorism Bureau, Rebecca Weiner, stressed that police were bolstering their presence out of “an abundance of caution” and that there were no credible or specific threats to the city.

Here in Illinois, the “Day of Jihad” started a day early with bomb threats to a Skokie synagogue.  From WLS:

SKOKIE, Ill. (WLS) — Synagogues and police forces in the Chicago area and around the country are on high alert after Israeli officials said Hamas leadership has called for a “Day of Rage” Friday.

A temple in north suburban Skokie received a bomb threat and was forced to evacuate Thursday…

There are plans to increase security in several suburbs, including Buffalo Grove, Bloomingdale, Highland Park and Lincolnshire.

Chicago police released a statement saying in part, “Though there is no actionable intelligence regarding any credible threats in Chicago at this time, CPD is paying special attention to synagogues and mosques so that all of our residents are safe. We also remain in close communication with community leaders and elected officials.”

Keep your situational awareness up today.  Avoid deep blue neighborhoods and cities where possible.  And always be carrying.

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  1. The FBI was once one of the most highly respected law enforcement agencies. Thanks to scum suckers put in charge by the Obama and Biden regimes the FBI now has all the respect and dignity of dog shit on your shoe. At this rate they’ll soon be equal to the human waste that is the ATF.

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