Meet Gambino Johns (pictured above, inset and sitting on curb after crashing during high speed pursuit across Chicago).  Days after a judge takes him off electronic home monitoring on a pair of arrests, he led the Illinois State Police on a high-speed pursuit in Chicago while driving a carjacked car.  (Gee, I wonder who could have carjacked it?)  One person was injured in that chase, yet prosecutors failed to hold the career thug in jail until trial and he was released under the SAFE-T Act provisions… otherwise known as “No Cash Bail.”

Poor little Gambino.  He suffered another bout of bad luck two days later, as after cops say he robbed a rue21 clothing store on the west side, he was caught again.  As usual CWB Chicago has the story (and should be on your daily browsing list):

CHICAGO — A man who allegedly led state troopers on a high-speed chase across Chicago last month, then got released under the newly-enacted SAFE-T Act, is back in custody. Prosecutors say he robbed a clothing store in Cicero two days after the judge set him free…

The chase started when troopers saw a Toyota Corolla in the 4000 block of West Madison that they believed had been carjacked at gunpoint a few hours earlier, according to Johns’ arrest report from that incident. The troopers pulled behind the car and confirmed that the license plate matched the carjacked vehicle’s plate…

Two days later, around 11:13 a.m. on September 23, Johns walked into the rue21 clothing store at 4783 West Cermak in Cicero, prosecutors say. Officials say that he told the cashier he had a gun and took cash from the register.

Johns still had the robbery proceeds when police arrested him, according to prosecutors.

He’s now charged with aggravated robbery. It’s his fourth pending case, a fact Judge Ankur Srivastava cited in paperwork ordering Johns detained as a public safety risk.

It’s unknown how many other crimes police haven’t tied to Mr. Johns, the one-man crime wave.

Meanwhile, on those rare occasions (less than 5% of offenders of major crimes), the SAFE-T Act surely seems to be working as intended.

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  1. I have no doubt it wasn’t the first carjacking or armed robbery he committed.
    Nor will it be his last until someone pumches some holes in him. Where is Bernie Goetz when you need him.

  2. Nothing will fix this but civil war and the rendering of Marxist politicians, supporters, and the criminals. Too bad, it was a promising experiment.

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