Another video from this past weekend in Chicago shows utter disregard for the rule of law.   A crowd swarms a Chicago PD SUV and before you know it, there’s women on the hood and roof twerking to cheers from the raucous crowd.  The cops inside the squad did nothing, because:

A) anyone they arrest would be released without posting a nickel of bail before they could complete the paperwork (and Cook County State’s Attorney would later drop those charges), and

B) probably more than a few of the males cheering the display are probably toting full-auto Glocks, which are THE status symbol in today’s gang culture.  The cops would quickly be outgunned and likely dead.  Better to ignore crime than take action and risk injury, death or termination from command staff and local political leaders.

So no, the police are not murdering people at will.

Yes, the people who elected Brandon Johnson and the members of the Black Caucus in Springfield who effectively run the state today, those voters are getting what they voted for good and hard.

4 thoughts on “ANARCHY IN CHICAGO: You’re on your own in Murder/Robbery City USA… The cops aren’t coming… [VIDEO]”
  1. It’s entirely possible that with all that blubber jiggling around the officers thought they were at the whale exhibit at Sea World.

    1. Really, it’s no different than what one sees when visiting the monkey habitat at the local zoo. The only difference being that the monkeys don’t have guns.

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