A thug in downtown Chicago thought he was going to rob a couple emerging from one of the high-end hotels there.  Imagine spending $500-750 a night for a hotel to get robbed on its front steps as you’re walking out with your wife…  Welcome to Chicago – aka Robbery City USA.

Anyway, it didn’t go well for the armed robber.  While he had a knife and his victims had nothing, that didn’t stop the male half from exercising some toxic masculinity and beating the robber down before the couple left.  Frankly, the guy reminded me of State Rep. Chris Miller in his build and his masculinity.  The only difference is Chris Miller would probably have burned this guy down with his carry piece to protect himself and his wife, Congresswoman Mary Miller.

Check out the video.

Tourists fighting back?
byu/CrazyBigHog inCrimeInChicago

This man who fought back got very lucky.  He could have suffered great injury or even died.

He would have solved this problem with a lot less danger to himself by producing a pocket pistol and introducing Mr. Robber to sucking chest wounds, assuming this mope would have stuck around long enough to get shot once he realized his victim was playing on a level playing field.

Here’s the video if you can’t get it at reddit.

7 thoughts on “LUCKY: Attempted armed robbery in downtown Chicago doesn’t go as planned… [VIDEO]”
  1. It does look like Chris Miller. The guy has some (big) balls on him. Well done but needed more ball action from good guy… rip his nuts off or gouge his eyes out while he’s reaching for knife. Or stab him good.

  2. I hope the lady was “counseled” / “trained” after they got home. She could have gotten both of them killed.

  3. Amen, Kevin, that gal needs an instructional “talkin to!”, like John Correia at ASP would say. “HONEY, keep y’er GOL’DANGED HANDS OFF’N ME IF ANYTHING LIKE THIS EVER HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    WAHMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT DOO THISsssssssssssssssssssssss………………..
    I almost wanted to see the bad guy go after her!

    And I’m guessing the audio is muted cause our good guy was using some colorful language to describe the melanin-rich jogger?

  4. Whoever is holding the phone and recording needs to learn how to actually do it.

  5. Good for the guy not taking shit from the usual suspect. You call that a beat down? My heel would have smashed in the mr usuals face until his orbitals collapsed. After that this piece of shit would never be able to procreate as I would have kicked him in his testicles until they resembled mash potatos. THAT is a beat down.

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